Resident Self-Inspections

Resident Self-Inspections Made Simple with FotoNotes

Get Get Inspections Done Directly by Your Residents!

Keep People Safe, Reduce Scheduling Hassles & Save Money!

Performing  move-in/move-out, routines and other inspections of occupied properties is challenging in these crazy times. That’s why we’re launching an all new product that allows residents to Self-Inspect their properties so you don’t need send someone for a site visit, everyone can stay safe, and you save money while doing it. 
FotoNotes’ Resident Self Inspections is an easy, streamlined solution to completing inspections during the COVID-19 pandemic.


Here's how it works:


Here's how it works:

Send your resident a secure link to your custom mobile inspection form with just a click of a button
Residents easily complete the inspection in minutes by answering a few questions and taking photos right from their mobile device. No app install or sign-in required.
Office staff instantly review and verify the completed inspection, and generate PDF reports right from the FotoNotes web application.

Inspection data is stored securely in the cloud forever!

It's as easy as that!