Renovation Management

Manage Your Renovations with FotoNotes

Easily streamline the management of all your construction and renovations projects

Get more business

Track job status in real-time, so you can more easily predict cash flow

Complete jobs faster

Improve productivity, visibility, and control over all of your jobs

Ensure Compliance

Store all job information in one place, reduce paper and generate reports


Track Projects

  • Accurately and remotely track progress of your renovations, in real-time
  • Quickly assign work to staff and vendors from the app
  • Compare estimated vs. actual project costs and before and after photos
  • Generate comprehensive project timeline reports 

“We selected FotoNotes because of their deep expertise in real estate operations, usability, and mobile and cloud technologies.”

Ali Nazar

Chief Technology Officer, Waypoint Homes


Estimate Repairs

  • Simply document and capture photos of the items needing replacement or repairs with an easy to use mobile app
  • Automatically calculate the itemized and total costs of a project i.e. painting a room based on square footage
  • Categorize costs by the type of work and generate slick PDF reports that include photos to easily share

“I can assure you that there is no better option available than FotoNotes.”

Mitch Davidson

Vice President, Market Ready

Connect Workflows

  • Integrate FotoNotes seamlessly with the other cloud based systems you use
  • Quickbooks, Salesforce, Dropbox, Outlook, Google Drive, Gmail, Calendars, Slack and more
  • Once connected you can automate your entire renovation management workflow

“We selected FotoNotes because it is the best solution for us to easily manage.”

Will Gunderson

Business Systems Analyst, Roofstock