How to Conduct Contactless Tenant Inspections During Covid-19

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With the COVID-19 pandemic, most customers do not want service providers coming into their homes to conduct inspections. With FotoNotes’ Contactless Inspection Solution, companies in property management, insurance and other industries can have their customers easily complete their own inspections, keep everyone safe and save time and money. 

The Solution for Tenant Inspections

The FotoNotes Resident Inspection Solution will allow you to easily receive verified, tamper-proof inspections directly from the tenants of your properties. With a very intuitive interface, your resident will find it very easy  to conduct their property inspection on their own, and it just takes you 1 minute to send to them! 

Here’s how the solution for FotoNotes’ Contactless Tenant Inspections works.

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Create your Inspection Form & Send it to Your Residents 

From the FotoNotes web application you  can choose a pre-made inspection template from the FotoNotes inspection form library or easily customize your own form to use. Once it is completed you can email the link to the inspection form directly to any resident straight from the FotoNotes dashboard. 

Your resident will receive an email with instructions and a link to begin the inspection from their mobile device. You can set-up reminder emails as well so that your resident does not forget to take action. Once they open the email and click on the link to get started, the inspection form opens up securely in their mobile web browser, so they won’t even need to download or have to fumble with usernames and passwords or an app to get started.


Completing the Tenant Inspection

Your resident will simply go through the form room by room and answer the required questions that you have created for them. They will take photos of each room and even any objects or areas that need maintenance or repairs. They can add their own comments about each room or individual photo to give you that extra context. It’s that simple! And only takes 5 minutes for them to complete.

The resident can then agree to the terms and conditions and sign off on the inspection directly from their mobile device. You will be notified instantly once the inspection is complete so you and your team can review it once you are ready to do so.


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Reviewing the Collected Inspection Data

Once your resident is done and has submitted the inspection, you can easily review and verify all of their responses and photos right from your FotoNotes web dashboard.  With tamper proof timestamps and GPS data automatically collected with each photo taken and uploaded, the time and location of the photos are instantly verified for you.  

From the web dashboard you can also quickly generate branded PDF reports of the inspection to send to your resident or the property owner. FotoNotes makes it very easy to add your own logo and customize what is displayed on these reports. You can even email the report out through the FotoNotes dashboard–your tenant inspection process can finally be managed seamlessly from one place!

Secure storage is always top of mind for the FotoNotes team. That’s why we always include unlimited storage of all the data and photos collected by the resident during the inspection in the FotoNotes cloud forever, so you never need to worry about losing each property’s inspection information.

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Do you want to integrate FotoNotes with your other applications like Salesforce, Dropbox, Outlook, GSuite and more?  No problem. FotoNotes is easy to integrate with using our API or you can connect directly with thousands of other cloud apps through Zapier.

So get started conducting contactless tenant inspections today with FotoNotes so you and your team can stay safe while saving yourselves the extra site visit too.


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