Fotobabble is BACK!

Fotobabble for Educators is Back

It’s taken us a while, but Fotobabble is back! (Ready to try  it out already?)

Over the past years our focus as a company has shifted to building and selling the FotoNotes product and the legacy Fotobabble product, unfortunately, has spent some time in a state of declining health. Our small team has been working slowly on the side to revamp Fotobabble with hopes of bringing it back better than ever.

When the pandemic crisis hit and schooling very quickly became virtual, we realized the incredible challenges educators must be facing in finding new and interesting ways to keep their students engaged.  We decided at that point to double down on our efforts and pushed to get the NEW Fotobabble 2020 out the door. 

Well, we did it, and we’re happy to announce that it’s now available in a beta form, and we’re offering for free to educators around the world. 

With the new Fotobabble for Educators:

  • –  you get a  private account for just you and your students
  • –  your students can easily create cool, fun Fotobabble slideshows with photos and voice narrations
  • – the Fotobabble slideshows can be watched on the web and shared within your account
Some ways educators can have their students use Fotobabble:
– Create presentations about history, geography or science
– Describe drawings and art projects
– Tell stories about themselves and their families
– Practice language skills in their native languages and new languages they are learning

We also hope to get our mobile app out this summer.

If you are interested, please visit this registration page, sign up and we’ll get an account set up for you.

Hope you have fun and please  share this with your colleagues on Facebook and Twitter!

Kamal and the FotoNotes/Fotobabble team

Kamal Shah

Founder and CEO, FotoNotes/Fotobabble


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