Simplified Construction Management & Reporting

FotoNotes streamlines all of your construction
and renovation projects

Get more business

Generate detailed estimates & proposals with photos to drive more business

Complete jobs faster

Improve productivity, visibility, and control over all of your jobs

All info in one place

Store all historical job information in one place for easy access when you need it.

See How FotoNotes Works For Construction Management





  • Easily add estimate line items with photos of the work to be done
  • Automatically calculate itemized and total costs of a project
  • Generate professional PDF reports with photos to provide customers




Project Tracking

  • Instantly assign work to staff and vendors
  • Remotely track progress of your construction projects in real-time
  • Easily compare estimated vs. actual  costs and before and after photos
  • Generate comprehensive project reports 




1-Click Reporting

  • Instantaneous  report generation in just 1 click
  • Beautifully branded, formatted, and easy to share
  • Fully customizable to include what you need

Integration Into Thousands of Cloud Apps

  • Integrate FotoNotes seamlessly with the other cloud based systems you use
  • Quickbooks, Salesforce, Dropbox, Outlook, Google Drive, Gmail, Calendars, Slack and more
  • Once connected you can automate your entire renovation management workflow