Manage Your Renovations with FotoNotes

When it comes to managing your construction and renovation projects, it can be difficult to organize, delegate, and track progress on your jobs. This can be especially challenging if you are away from the job site and your project data is not consolidated, categorized and visible in a simple way. With the new FotoNotes Renovation Management feature, you can now manage all of your renovations faster and easier than ever.

Traditional Ways of Renovation Management are Outdated

Traditional approaches of estimating, tracking, and reporting on renovations could be a time consuming and chaotic process. Companies today generally have two approaches: 

Completely Ad Hoc

Completely using pen and paper, excel spreadsheets and endless streams of texts and emails. 

Traditional Construction Management Software

Using traditional construction management software products that are complex, dated, and not mobile or cloud enabled.    

The end result of either of these approaches is lack of visibility into the project, disorganization, frustration, extra work all leading to project delays and cost overruns.  

FotoNotes’s easy to use, powerful mobile and cloud based solution is here to help. FotoNotes simplifies the renovation management process, stores all of your information in one place and saves you time and money on every project.

FotoNotes’s NEW Renovation Management Features

Manage your Renovations with FotoNotes


With our easy to use mobile app, simply document and capture photos of the items needing replacement or repairs. The FotoNotes app automatically calculates the itemized and total costs for you i.e. painting a room based on the square footage. You can categorize these costs by the type of work and generate slick PDF reports that include photos to easily share.



Manage your Renovations with FotoNotes

Project Tracking

Having an accurate idea of the progress of your renovation can help optimize your project. You can assign work to staff and vendors from within the FotoNotes app. During the course of the project, you can remotely track the project’s progress in real-time. Once finished, you can compare before and after photos and estimated and actual costs. Users can then generate comprehensive project reports for the entire project timeline.

Manage your Renovations with FotoNotes

Product/Service Pricing

Being able to manage and adjust your customized pricing is a great tool to eliminate manual entry or changes later. FotoNotes will automatically calculate and compare the actual prices to the initial estimates.


Manage your Renovations with FotoNotesReports

Creating reports can feel tedious and time consuming, especially if you are doing them manually. The Renovation Management feature enables you to instantly create beautifully branded reports with photos, estimates, bids, or full project completion data that you can send to your clients. Just one click of a button!





Integrate FotoNotes with your other apps

FotoNotes integrates seamlessly with thousands of other cloud based apps.  If you use Quickbooks, Salesforce, Dropbox, Google calendar, Outlook or any other apps you can integrate FotoNotes in directly to fully automate your workflow.

Manage your Renovations with FotoNotes

Try a new approach!

Collecting, consolidating, organizing and tracking your renovation project’s data does not have to be a huge hassle. With FotoNotes you can reduce the stress and streamline the management of all of your construction and renovation projects. It’s never been simpler. Schedule a personalized demo today to get a sneak peek!



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How FotoNotes Works

How FotoNotes Works

Quickly gathering accurate data about your real estate and construction projects is a crucial step in any effective management process. In the past we were at the mercy of poor data collection processes which consumed an excessive amount of time and were inaccurate and incomplete. FotoNotes is the solution to this madness. Now, you can collect fast and accurate property data and photos in just a matter of minutes, all from a simple to use mobile app. So optimize your time on the job site by collecting and consolidating data in real-time, the first time, with FotoNotes.

Here’s how you can get started:

Getting Started!

You can use FotoNotes out of the box or customize it to match your specific workflow forms and reports.  

Custom Smart Forms

FotoNotes allows for easily customizable smart forms that support all data types. Templates are easy to build and modify to best suit your individual rules and procedures. You can generate forms that are most effective for your project on site and in real-time. 

Custom Smart Forms

Ready to Head Out? 

Once you have gotten the forms set up, you’re ready to start collecting data. Field staff members are now easily able to complete forms and capture photos of the job site. 

Mobile Friendly

FotoNotes works across Android and iOS platforms and is so incredibly user-friendly that anyone can use it! The app even offers speech to text capabilities and operates offline allowing the user to collect photos and signatures with just a few taps. FotoNotes allows you to submit results from the field instantly to your office, saving you time and sanity.

Fast Data Entry

The jobsite forms you create are available via your mobile device, offline or online. Once on the site, workers can then fill out the required fields in the form. That data can then be shared with the necessary parties to help fill out the work order. Even when they’re in an area with spotty cellular service, you can still get the job done. Your data and photos will instantly sync and send once you’re in an area with cellular or WiFi coverage. 

Powerful Photo Management

All the photos are consolidated in your form and stored in your FotoNotes Photo Manager, giving you the ability to organize and sort them as needed. You can instantly recall the work order and it’s corresponding photos with all of their details including timestamps, GPS information, upload details, and more. This means that the information collected will never get lost in an antiquated system. Editing options including crop, brighten, rotate and annotate from the web or mobile app.

Got What You Need? Now you can use it.

Now that you’ve got all of your data and photos in the cloud you can use FotoNotes reports, exports and integrations to put that data to work.

Create Reports

Now that you have all the data from your efficient smart forms, beautifully branded reports can be generated with just the click of a button. Once created, you have a beautiful PDF report that you can share with your customers, or your internal teams such as operations, finance or sales.

Connect with Other Apps

You can export all of your data into spreadsheets or integrate into thousands of other cloud apps such as Salesforce, Dropbox, Quickbooks and more.

Connect fotonotes with Other Apps

The Bottom Line

FotoNotes is the most efficient way to collect quality data and photos for your business. For as little as $20/month, FotoNotes can help you reduce the margin for error with job site data transfer and save time and resources for all of your projects. 

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Get Better Property Data with FotoNotes

Get Better Property Data with FotoNotes

It seems in this day and age of mobile devices that there is an app for everything: from ordering a pizza to making bill payments. Now, there is a simple and easy-to-use application to make running the operations of your real estate and construction projects a breeze. FotoNotes is a mobile platform designed to help your team get quality data and photos from your properties, anywhere, by anyone, at anytime. 

The Traditional Approach to Property Data

Receiving complete and accurate  data from your properties is crucial to effective management. In the past, collecting property data from the field was a scattered, inconsistent and often times incomplete process. The lack of good data and photos made it difficult to get the visibility needed to make key decisions, manage costs, and ensure the quality of work being done.  

A Modern Solution to Quality Property Data, for All.

The FotoNotes application has solved this problem by enabling the ability to streamline and simplify your entire property data process with easy to use forms and photo taking right within the app. All information captured from the field will instantly be sent back to your head office, all in real-time.

A Modern Solution to Quality Property DataA Modern Solution to Quality Property Data

Use FotoNotes for all your Property Data Needs


Make better buying decisions with standardized pre-acquisition inspections, evaluations and initial scopes.

Construction and Renovations

Streamline any construction project with easy to create estimates, daily job reports and simple project tracking.


Shorten time to market with turn reports and high quality photos you can use to represent your property in the best way possible.

Property Management

Simplify property management with move in and move out forms, maintenance and repair requests, and property walk reporting.

Get Better Property Data with FotoNotes

Standardize and Centralize Data Collection from Properties

FotoNotes will standardize and centralize any data  gathered from the property and store it securely in the cloud. This application is so simple to use, even those who may not be completely at home with new technology will soon be able to master this impressive platform in no time at all. Just think, with FotoNotes, you can easily standardize your entire process for property data collection using intuitive forms and quality photo management, that any one of your team members can use from anywhere.

Get Started with your Free Trial of FotoNotes Today!


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Top 5 Challenges in Managing Property Inspections

CHALLENGE #1 – Ensuring Complete, Consistent Inspection Data

Companies in the Single Family Rental space report that one of their biggest operational bottlenecks is the inability to easily get complete inspection forms with organized photos and information. Forms that can be accessed instantly during and after a property inspection.

To tackle this, using a mobile and cloud-based inspection platform is often the best bet. Whether you are small or large, the right platform lets you standardize your inspection formats, easily collect property data digitally using mobile devices, and store it in the cloud. For best results, find a mobile inspection application that allows you to customize your own inspection forms, input all your inspection data through an app, efficiently add high quality photos and ensure the photos are easy to identify and categorize. Bonus points if the platform is simple to use, can get inspection orders out to a network of different vendors, and allows your field inspectors  to work online or offline.

CHALLENGE #2 –  Handling Large Volumes of  Inspections Efficiently

As your company grows and you start adding hundreds – or even thousands – of new properties, the volume of inspections will grow exponentially.  That growth will be a real challenge without the right partners, processes and tools.

So if you’re in growth mode, it is always a good idea to work with providers who deeply understand the SFR industry. At the same time, it is important to leverage technology to keep your critical data, documents and photos in a 24/7 accessible location in the cloud. The system you choose must also be able to scale quickly and affordably as you grow. Additionally, providers who offer documented processes and information flow will help ease growing pains.

CHALLENGE #3 –  Finding The Right People to Perform Inspections

At the foundation of every great company are great people. Finding the right team members, vendors and contractors to do inspections in a detailed, organized and efficient manner is tough. Reliability is always key – especially when it comes to local vendors. Property inspectors need to be highly organized and comfortable operating in a standardized format, as inspection form standardization is a must-have  for efficient growth.

With the right technology solution and forms that are easy to complete,  inspections can be done by almost anyone: real estate brokers, contractors, tenants and property managers – which substantially broadens your “pool” of potential local inspectors. No matter who is doing the inspection, it should be easy for them to report information directly and accurately from the field to your internal team..

CHALLENGE #4 – Integrating Your Inspection Data into Other Systems

A major difficulty for many SFR companies is managing information in multiple different systems.  You may have a product for managing your rentals, a program for maintenance, another that is used during the initial pre-purchase evaluation, and so on.  Often, you need to do manual data entry or import and export processes to ensure the right information is housed in each different system. When you add a mobile inspection platform, you add another tool that might require a manual process.  This poses a challenge, but can be eliminated by connecting your systems.

For property inspections, ensure that you have this integration capability in place. The best mobile and cloud platforms have standard REST based APIs which will allow you to push data out into your inspections for the benefit of the field workers, and to pull data back into other systems – even allowing you to automatically move the inspection photos or full reports.  For an even more seamless implementation process, see if your property inspection tech vendor works with an app integration service like Zapier.

CHALLENGE #5 – Capturing High Quality Property Photos

Many organizations don’t take the time to train their inspection teams to document property conditions with accurate photos. So finding a mobile application that makes photo taking dead-simple is important.

An intuitive mobile app should allow your field staff to know what photos to take and where they should be taken.  The product should easily categorize the photos, optimize them, and store GPS coordinates, date and time stamp information on each photo. A secure cloud storage system is also high on your checklist to maintain and manage all the property photos. Pro Tip: Train your field staff to capture high quality photos in the field for marketing the property and avoid the need for costly professional photographers. 


To learn more about how FotoNotes could be your mobile inspection technology partner, contact us at
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Purdy Selects FotoNotes as Technology Solution for HUD FSM Contract

Oakland, Calif.– June 19, 2017 – Purdy Enterprise, a property services firm, has selected FotoNotes, a leading mobile and cloud field service…
Purdy Enterprise, which offers a comprehensive range of field services, maintenance, property management, and investor services, was recently awarded two Field Service Management (FSM) contracts from the US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). Purdy selected FotoNotes as its technology solution because of FotoNotes’ reputation in the industry, best in class Android and iOS mobile apps, comprehensive back office work flow management features, and full integration with Yardi’s HUD P260 system (launching July 2017).

Purdy COO, Mitch Davidson, commented “We selected FotoNotes because the product is highly configurable and constantly improving, provides a cutting edge mobile experience, has a highly robust and reliable cloud and web based backend, is API friendly, and is significantly helpful to our field subcontractors. We also based our decision on the fact that the FotoNotes people are fantastic to work with regarding both development and an ongoing service relationship.”

FotoNotes’ mobile app and cloud platform solution provides companies full visibility and control of HUD FSM inspections, work orders, and field service operations. FotoNotes also provides solutions for a wide variety of other use cases, including estimating, construction, renovations, and turns.

“We’re thrilled to be working with Purdy Enterprise” said Kamal Shah, FotoNotes’ CEO and founder. “They are established leaders in property services and true innovators in the use of leading technology tools to operate their business more effectively.”

FotoNotes was recently recognized by Housing Wire in the 2017 HW Tech 100 and by CIO magazine as one the 20 Most Promising Field Service Solution Providers.

About Purdy Enterprise
Purdy Enterprise is a property services firm based in the Charlotte, NC area, and is a certified Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business (SDVOSB). The firm was founded in 2009, and is currently led by Thomas Purdy, the firm’s President, along with various other talented team members. PE provides property solutions and field services for residential and commercial properties across many states. Website | LinkedIn

About FotoNotes
FotoNotes provides award winning mobile and cloud based field service management solutions for property managers, construction companies, and other field service providers. With FotoNotes companies have full visibility and control over their operations allowing them to save time and money, increase revenues and provide better service to their customers. Web Site |  LinkedIn | Twitter

Press Contact
Lauren Kane
Product Marketing Manager

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FotoNotes Newsletter – Improving Field Operations. | November 2016

FotoNotes Newsletter

2016 has been a busy year for FotoNotes with a ton of new product features, customers and partnerships… and there’s still more to come!

In this newsletter, you’ll read about some of our customers’ success stories with FotoNotes, learn about our newest product features and see how to improve field service operations with our highlighted use cases.

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Meet us at IMN!

Attending the IMN 5th Annual SFR Forum in December? We’d love to meet you! Email us at to set up a meeting with Robin Droppa, our VP of Sales and Customer Success.

Use Case Highlights

FotoNotes ServiceMax Integration

In addition to becoming a Certified ServiceMax Partner, FotoNotes is fully integrated with ServiceMax and it only takes a few minutes to set up!

FotoNotes is currently highlighted on ServiceMax’s Partner Marketplace. Check out our FotoNotes ServiceMax Partner Page

With the ServiceMax Integration you can:

    • Easily configure your FotoNotes and ServiceMax portals to sync
    • Create custom mobile forms to complete your work orders, inspections or assessments
    • Generate detailed and custom field reports

“We are a small home management company that has been using ServiceMax Express for three years. FotoNotes makes it very easy for our technicians to show clients information about their home in a much more compelling and effective manner than with just words alone.”

Denise Carpentier
Special Projects, Nautilus

Check out these previously highlighted use cases:

Claims for Delivery Drivers

Mobile Work Orders for Repair and Maintenance

Mobile Estimation in Home Renovations

Featured FotoNotes Customers

Customers benefiting from FotoNotes mobile solutions:

Roofstock is the first online marketplace and community created exclusively for investing in leased single-family rental homes that generate cash flow day one.

“As a leading online marketplace for single-family rental properties, we perform a high volume of home inspections across the country each month. We selected FotoNotes because it is the best solution for us to easily manage our inspection network. The platform enables us to quickly issue inspection orders to our vendors’ mobile devices, monitor incoming data and photos in real-time, and generate highly informative reports for our clients.”

Will Gunderson
Business Systems Analyst, Roofstock

Market Ready provides an assortment of residential construction and maintenance services to GSEs, institutional investors and landlords, REO asset managers, and government agencies.

“If you believe that mobile should drive your field operation approach, and if you need your mobile endeavors to be supported by a robust desktop and backend, then I can assure you that there is no better option available than FotoNotes.”

Mitch Davidson
Vice President, Market Ready

Teknion leverages the power of design to enhance the way people work, meet and interact. Their versatile and integrated portfolio of furniture products supports collaborative spaces and those where people work alone.

“With the FotoNotes mobile app our partners can quickly and easily report damage and delivery claims right from their smart phone or tablet. We’ve been pleased with the results and highly recommend FotoNotes to anyone looking for a great mobile field reporting solution.”
John Comacchio
Senior Vice President and Chief Information Officer, Teknion Corporation

Free Trial and More Info

Interested in giving FotoNotes a try for free or learn more about our products and services? Contact us. We’ll get back to in a snap.

Kamal Shah
CEO, Founder FotoNotes


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FotoNotes named to 2016 HW Tech100 | HousingWire

FotoNotes, a leading provider of mobile and cloud solutions for real estate service management, has been named to the 2016 HW TECH100™, HousingWire’s annual list of the 100 most innovative technology companies serving the U.S. housing and real estate industries. The HW TECH100™ is the only list of tech innovation that captures the entire U.S. housing economy, spanning real estate to mortgage lending, servicing, and investments.

“It’s an honor to be named to the HW TECH100™ for the second consecutive year,” said Kamal Shah, FotoNotes’ CEO and founder. “FotoNotes’ software platform helps our customers manage, maintain and service residential and commercial properties more effectively and efficiently. We’re proud that the industry recognizes our innovation and hard work.”

“The companies in the HW TECH100™ are providing innovative solutions to the traditionally hide-bound mortgage finance industry,” said HousingWire Editor-in-Chief Jacob Gaffney. “In the face of rising costs to originate and service loans, a still-volatile housing market and multiplying regulations, these innovations are crucial to the survival and profitability of those in our industry.”

HousingWire is the nation’s most influential industry news source covering the U.S. housing economy, spanning residential mortgage lending, servicing, investments and real estate operations.

“It’s incredible to see the universe of tech options now available to our industry,” said HousingWire Magazine Editor Sarah Wheeler. “Some of the best and brightest minds are clearly working in our space to address the extraordinary challenges our industry is facing.”

About FotoNotes

FotoNotes provides mobile and cloud solutions that streamline and automate real estate field operations and reporting. FotoNotes saves companies time and money by replacing inefficient paper and manual processes with easy-to-use mobile applications and an enterprise-class cloud platform. Blog | LinkedIn | Twitter | Google+ | Facebook

About Housing Wire

HousingWire is the nation’s most influential industry news source covering the U.S. housing economy, spanning residential mortgage lending, servicing, investments and real estate operations. The company’s news, commentary, magazine content, industry directories, and events give more than one million industry professionals each year the insight they need to make better, more informed business decisions. Winner of numerous awards, including a 2012 Eddie Award for national editorial excellence in the B2B Banking/Business/Finance category, HousingWire has been recognized for excellence in journalism by the Society of Business Editors and Writers, the American Society of Business Press Editors, the National Association of Real Estate Editors, and Trade Association Business Publications International. Learn more at

Source: The 2016 HW Tech100 | 2016-02-26 | HousingWire

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FotoNotes Makes Field Service Operations Easier and Faster for Property Managers — Real Estate Tech News

Source: FotoNotes Makes Field Service Operations Easier and Faster for Property Managers — Real Estate Tech News

For property managers, field inspections of rental properties can often be time-consuming and frustrating. FotoNotes is helping to change that. The easy-to-use mobile application and enterprise-class cloud platform provides property managers and real estate professionals with the ability to perform field service operations easily and efficiently. Easily customized with a variety of smart mobile forms, FotoNotes is available with both an iOS and Android version, ensuring that field techs can complete forms quickly and even utilize GPS-tagged photos. Perhaps best of all, FotoNotes can be used in the field, with or without an Internet connection. The app then automatically syncs information back to the cloud.

Read more.

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New Application Innovators Support ACE to Drive Instant Mobile Productivity With Secure, Business-Ready Applications – EIN News

Source: New Application Innovators Support ACE to Drive Instant Mobile Productivity With Secure, Business-Ready Applications – EIN News

FotoNotes improves the efficiency of field service management through its innovative mobile and cloud solutions,” said Kamal Shah, founder and CEO, FotoNotes. “We are thrilled to collaborate with AirWatch, VMware and other ACE founding partners to provide our customers with a simplified approach to secure, scalable enterprise mobility.“

ATLANTA, GA–(Marketwired – September 22, 2015) –


  • Acacus Technologies, Blue Jeans, Boxer, Cotap, Element 55, Fotonotes, GoFormz, Kinvey, MightyMeeting, Movius, Nacho Cove, Roambi, Replicon, SAP, Socialcast by VMware, StarMobile, SkyGiraffe, TeamViewer, TeleMessage, Wandera and X1 support ACE (App Configuration for Enterprise
  • ACE members will showcase integrated solutions at AirWatch Connec
  • ACE is a community focused on providing education and best practices around native standard capabilities in mobile operating systems


Today at AirWatch Connect™, 21 additional enterprise application leaders announced support of the configuration and security of public applications through native mobile OS functionality by joining ACE (App Configuration for Enterprise), a community to drive native application standards in the industry. Attendees at AirWatch Connect Atlanta can explore the ACE ecosystem and meet several partners at the ACE Pavilion at the event through Sept. 24. Acacus Technologies, Blue Jeans, Boxer, Cotap, Element 55, Fotonotes, GoFormz, Kinvey, MightyMeeting, Movius, Nacho Cove, Roambi, Replicon, SAP, Socialcast by VMware, StarMobile, SkyGiraffe, TeamViewer, TeleMessage, Wandera and X1 support ACE.

With more than 40 committed members, ACE is quickly solidifying its place in the market as the community that is driving the adoption of device-native mobile OS standards for enterprise application development. ACE drives best practices for application management and security for easy deployment via enterprise mobility management (EMM) solutions. Once an application developer implements ACE native OS standards, users simply download the public-facing application and corporate resources are automatically configured and the user is automatically logged in, allowing the user to instantly and securely use the app in their jobs.

“We are thrilled about the momentum with the ACE Community,” said Mimi Spier, senior director of strategic business development, VMware and leader of ACE. “There is an overwhelming interest to simplify mobility for businesses, and enable end users to get a true native and consistent experience. We believe the ACE community can dramatically impact overall mobility adoption in business.”

To become a member of ACE or for more information, visit


Supporting quotes:

“Acacus Technologies delivers mobility solutions for airline pilots and cabin crew, offering applications that seamlessly integrate the most widely used airline documentation, charting, scheduling and rostering systems,” said Talal Ben Halim, managing director, Aracus Technologies. “By integrating with ACE, we are able to provide our global airline clients seamless access to disparate systems with levels of data security and interconnectivity that were not previously possible.”

“At Blue Jeans Network, we aim to bring people together to meet, share ideas and communicate through the power of face-to-face video collaboration,” said Oded Gal, vice president of product management, Blue Jeans. “We’re excited to align with ACE in developing secure, scalable applications for today’s mobile workforce. These standards will better enable us to deliver enterprise-ready solutions that allow our customers to experience the benefits of face-to-face communication from anywhere.”

“In a BYOD world, software needs to earn the right to be on a user’s phone by providing a great interface and a delightful user experience,” said Andrew Eye, CEO, Boxer. “We couldn’t be more excited to be working with AirWatch to bring the security and management capabilities they provide to our award-winning email, calendar and contacts apps. With our combined solutions, users and IT have more options to provide the consumer-grade user experience end users want, with the enterprise-grade security and management IT requires.”

“The world’s leading law firms trust Element55 to make time simple and reliable,” said Ray Deck, founder and president, Element55.” ACE allows deploying our mobile solutions to be even simpler and more reliable in addition to being more secure. With auto configuration and auto-sign, ACE lets even more firms and attorneys say ‘it just did it for me!’”

FotoNotes improves the efficiency of field service management through its innovative mobile and cloud solutions,” said Kamal Shah, founder and CEO, FotoNotes. “We are thrilled to collaborate with AirWatch, VMware and other ACE founding partners to provide our customers with a simplified approach to secure, scalable enterprise mobility.“

“GoFormz empowers businesses to capture and manage data with mobile forms from any device,” said Jeff Fildey, CEO, GoFormz. “This data is richer, available in real-time and allows enterprises to make accurate and agile business decisions. With ACE, we further extend our offerings to enterprises to replace antiquated, non-digital business processes with a mobile-first, standards-based solution.”

“By participating in ACE, Kinvey can easily provide connectivity to enterprise authentication with consistent and secure single sign-on,” said Brian Wilson, CTO, Kinvey. “As the leading enterprise mobile backend as a service, we focus on enabling our customers to get to market with five-star apps twice as fast and at half the cost. The ACE open standard for managing and securing apps enhances this value proposition.”

“MightyMeeting is a mobile sales enablement platform that helps thousands of companies to win more business by transforming client meetings into engaging and interactive experiences,” said Dmitri Tcherevik, founder and CEO, MightyMeeting. “With ACE, our users can deliver multimedia content and interactive sales tools to all kinds of mobile devices in a way that is secure and manageable.”

“With the integration of Movius myIdentities™, ACE now offers the mobile market’s only complete, cross-carrier mobile communications solution to support additional telco quality phone lines and granular, split billing capabilities for voice, messaging and data with a simple, intuitive interface on a single mobile device,” said Dominic Gomez, president and CEO, Movius. “This integration also enables myIdentities to be readily deployable with AirWatch and other EMM’s for iOS devices. We applaud this open standard approach for managing and securing apps and are thrilled to be collaborating with other leading vendors in advancing mobile applications.”

“Nacho Cove unlocks information in enterprise email so that employees have more time to perform their important roles, jobs and function,” said Chris Perret, CEO, Nacho Cove. “Nacho Mail saves employees time they would otherwise spend prioritizing and searching for important information in their email. Our customers can count on the security and compliance provided by ACE, helping them scale and deploy cutting edge apps like ours easily.”

“Replicon has always focused on providing the best user experience for our customers, no matter where they are or what device they are using,” said Joanne Jacobs, senior vice president of product at Replicon. “As organizations — including AirWatch — continue to embrace cloud-based solutions to track time, Replicon is committed to collaborating with leading EMM providers to make it easy for IT departments to deploy, secure and manage our applications across the mobile enterprise.”

“Roambi’s data visualization and publishing platform enables users to view reports, charts, and dashboards in a way that’s designed mobile-first,” said David Becerra, Roambi vice president of business development. “Working with ACE means that enterprise users have access to their business-critical information in a secure, easy and engaging app.”

“Enterprises are transforming as they go through their digitization journey and, it is the new applications that are mobile, aware of context, analytics driven, and in the cloud where everything is going to change,” said Quentin Clark, chief technology officer and member of the Global Managing Board of SAP SECTO and Member of Global Managing Board, SAP SE. “SAP is supporting ACE in our Success Factors and Concur mobile applications and by following the ACE open standards of best practices we can simplify our customer’s efforts of managing the respective apps.”

“Socialcast empowers our users with a seamless cross-platform way to engage in secure enterprise collaboration that streamlines the daily workflows of employees, teams and executives,” said Bob Schultz, vice president and general manager, Workspace Services, End-User Computing, VMware. “Joining ACE brings instant productivity to our users. In one tap, users can access Socialcast and collaborate, share, discover and connect across the organization in an enterprise-secure fashion.”

“Mobile app development has traditionally been slow, complex and expensive. As a result, 85 percent of companies have yet to deploy meaningful enterprise apps beyond email, calendar and contacts,” said StarMobile President and CEO, Todd Fryburger. “By working with AirWatch to partner on the ACE initiative, customers can use the StarMobile platform to deliver enterprise mobility with unmatched speed, simplicity, economy and security. Therein, StarMobile helps companies to bridge the ‘app gap’ to consume any application from any endpoint (be it smartphone, tablet, PC, watch or “thing”), while at the same time simplifying security and control.”

“SkyGiraffe empowers enterprises to mobilize their workforce by providing unified access to business applications and data from any device. We do this by enabling our customers to deliver mobile apps at unprecedented speed and scale, supporting the deployment of hundreds of apps to employees across the enterprise,” said Boaz Hecht, CEO of SkyGiraffe. “By joining ACE, SkyGiraffe shares in the common vision that enterprises need a better solution for simplifying the deployment of mobile apps.”

“TeamViewer is one of the most used and trusted global services to remotely control and manage devices running modern mobile and desktop platforms and to collaborate online,” said Alfredo Patron vice president of business development, TeamViewer. “Our customers range from small medium businesses to top global enterprises with complex environments. We are very excited to adopt ACE and its open standards as we feel this will ease the pain from IT for managing and securing mobile apps and services to help accelerate mobile workforce scenarios. We are committed to roll out this service with our upcoming release by the end of 2015.”

“TeleMessage’s vision and mission is to become the preferred mobile messaging solution trusted by leading global enterprises to power their mobile productivity and collaboration,” said Guy Levit, executive director and CEO, TeleMessage. “We’re excited to work with ACE to solve the usability and security challenges many enterprises encounter in the context of today’s mobile workforce. We hope to deliver our customers with solutions that adhere to a set of standards for managing and securing their mobile experience.”

“Our objective at Wandera is to make the mobile web secure and enable enterprises to prevent cyber attacks from reaching their mobile devices,” said Stijn Paumen, vice president of business development, Wandera. “We use a multi-level approach, correlating data from each device and our cloud gateway, to detect more mobile threats than any other provider in the industry. The ACE capabilities can enhance this protection by ensuring our solution is deployed with the maximum efficiency. This increases the overall protection to our enterprise customers by providing additional data to use in our threat intelligence engine. At the same time ACE allows us to focus on user experience, allowing us to implement our service easily and without compromising data connection speed. We’re very excited to be working with ACE members such as AirWatch to achieve an even better, integrated end user experience.”

“X1 Search Mobile enables instantaneous and secure search of millions of documents and years of email from a smartphone, a game-changing capability for today’s mobile workforce,” said John Patzakis, CEO, X1. “We are very excited to work with VMware and ACE, as AirWatch effectively provides the critical communication and security layer for X1 Search Mobile to search sources such as your entire VMware Horizon desktop. With VMware and X1 Search Mobile, we are enabling business productivity in mobile and virtualized environments in a highly secure way.”

SAP, SAP HANA, and other SAP products and services mentioned herein as well as their respective logos are trademarks or registered trademarks of SAP SE (or an SAP affiliate company) in Germany and other countries. See for additional trademark information and notices. All other product and service names mentioned are the trademarks of their respective companies.

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ACE (App Configuration for Enterprise) is a community focused on providing education and best practices to configure and secure mobile apps and drive mobile adoption in business. By leveraging native OS functionality in iOS, Android and Windows, ACE provides the development framework that enables users to be productive with just one tap and companies to be confident apps and data are secure. With ACE, application providers now have a consistent and simple way to develop enterprise-ready mobile apps. For more information about ACE and to learn about all ACE members, please

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NAMFS: Mortgage regulations require a more stringent approach to field services | 2014-12-10 | HousingWire

If your firm provides mortgage services, including field service, did you know?

Throughout the year, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) has taken action against — and outlined expectations of — mortgage servicing providers and nonbank entities. Regulators are not accepting compliance exemptions due to limited resources, technology deficiencies or third-party failures. Additionally, clients of field services providers are implementing new work performance standards, documentation procedures, and periodic auditing of work in the field and the office.

Industry challenges are also affecting the clients of field services companies. Field services companies must adjust operational practices to meet client expectations. This year, we’ve seen field services providers incorporate technology to streamline and strengthen their organizations. NAMFS provided its members with a series of webinars to help sort through the technological offerings that assist with the management of legislative and client demands. The NAMFS business resource center invited members to live presentations on software that manages workflow, products that improve the securing of vacant property, and GIS data mapping aimed at helping members provide service that is accurate, efficient and compliant.

As a NAMFS member, FotoNotes is delighted to provide mortgage field service companies with technology and expertise to meet client expectations and assist with legal and regulatory requirements. Contact us to learn how.

Read more here: NAMFS: Mortgage regulations require a more stringent approach to field services | 2014-12-10 | HousingWire.

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