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Vacatia FotoNotes Case Study

Vacatia Takes Inventory with FotoNotes

Vacatia is a timeshare company putting a new spin on hospitality. Hovering somewhere between an online travel agency, a property management company, and… … Read More

Meet the Team Robin

Meet Robin Droppa: VP of Solutions and Customer Success

Collaborating with SFR clients to find flexible approaches to unique situations. On a typical day, Robin Droppa almost forgets she works for FotoNotes. … Read More

Meet Lauren FotoNotes

Meet Lauren Kane: Manager of Solutions and Customer Success

From a nonprofit to FotoNotes, Kane has focused on helping others grow. Nonprofit and tech seem like two very different sectors. And at face value, they are. … Read More

Three Tools for the Single-Family Rental Space

3 Tools for the Single-Family Rental Space

Using technology to improve efficiency, saving you time and money. With a still-hot housing market and an ongoing pandemic, securing and… … Read More

Meet Dan Landy - FotoNotes

Meet Dan Landy: Principal Software Architect at FotoNotes

With 20 years of experience, Landy designs software that keeps customers’ needs at the forefront. Dan Landy is the Principal Software Architect … Read More

Utilizing Dynamic Field Groups with FotoNotes

Utilizing Dynamic Field Groups & Managing Items with FotoNotes

If you have ever used FotoNotes you are probably familiar with how our smart form fields work.  Using our template editor,… … Read More