What’s to come for enterprise mobility in 2014? IT experts weigh in

What’s to come for enterprise mobility in 2014? IT experts weigh in. And here’s a few observations that rang provocative:

Maribel Lopez, enterprise mobility consultant, Lopez Research believes Mobile Backend as a service (MBaaS) will be the next big thing. “MBaas will be the BYOD of 2014. If you’re really serious about apps, you need to integrate it with your back-end system. It’s another platform layer. This stuff isn’t sexy, but it’s necessary.”

Phillip Redman, vice president of mobile solutions and strategy, Citrix Systems Inc. “The enterprise is figuring out how to take mobile to next level. … There was a stage where the most common apps were on the app store, but they were not designed for business. Things like Evernote, GoodReader, Dropbox; these were not enterprise class. They were consumer apps to store things in and there was not really much else out there. User experience was a huge area; take iOS email, for example. It’s great for the consumer, but to scale it for business, that’s not really what it was designed for, but you have to use it. What’s happened is all these companies saw adoption of more applications and want to know how they can create enterprise-class applications.”

Kenji Obata, founder and CEO, Spoon.net “We’ve seen it and we’ve heard it from our customers: Mobile is where virtualization was five years ago. I wouldn’t say 2013 was the year where people would bring BYOD into their organization, but it’s when BYOD became inevitable. It’s safe to say that the consensus from CIOs in the IT crowd and in the vendor side is that BYOD and mobile access is 100% going to happen. The question is who is going to come out with the best solution for application virtualization and security management.”

Benjamin Robbins, mobile analyst and principal, Palador Inc. “You’re starting to see a conversation about adaptability and flexibility. There are more and more companies providing mobile administration coming on every day. We’re going to be seeing more with wearables, the ‘Internet of Things,’ sensors in devices, so adaptability and flexibility really ought to have a very important place. … Companies [that] aren’t technical really are going to feel the pain. Companies that are adaptable and can handle the continued explosion of mobile technology are going to succeed.”

We expect to hear a lot more about Mobile Backend as a service (MBaaS), which is something that we at FotoNotes are seeing quite a bit. Our customers expect our front-end mobile applications to integrate with their back-end systems. Thanks to our well designed API, we can do that quite easily.

We’re also getting inquiries from back-end software providers who are looking for a front-end mobile extension to their system. If you’re a software provider with the challenge of going mobile, please let us know.