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According to a recent survey 119 utilities conducted by IDC Energy Insights, “Utilities are increasingly investing in mobility to boost productivity.” [Emphasis added].

Productivity is a key benefit our customers cite as well. Productivity = more work/unit of effort. So how does mobility make that happen? The FotoNotes mobile cloud solution speeds field operations and communications — site inspections, task assignments, punch lists, issue reports, appraisals — basically any worker task that involves capturing field information. Specifically, FotoNotes:

  • Speeds data collection using the power of today mobile devices. Photos, voice next, text, signature capture, barcode scanning, and other mobile device functions are all integrated into a high functional mobile application. With one device, a worker can take a picture, make notes, explain what’s happening with a voice note, use pull-down menus to quickly capture information. No paper forms, no separate digital cameras, no double entry of data.
  • Speeds data communication via the cloud. All of the data that is captured in the field is automatically uploaded to our cloud service where it can be accessed by different systems. Similarly, data from back-office systems can be accessible through the FotoNotes platform and on mobile devices.
  • Speeds human communication. Data in the field is immediately shared with co-workers, supervisors, and customers, making it accessible in real-time.
  • Reduces errors. By obviating the need to live with paper forms, or move data from paper forms to digital entry, or have photos from one job site mistakenly assigned to another job site, FotoNotes reduces mistakes and the need to redo work.

And there’s more, which we’re happy to tell you about — please contact us.

A few more observations about The IDC Energy Insights survey. It also revealed

  • Around 40 percent of utilities in Europe, the Middle East and Africa plan to increase investment in workforce mobility over the next year to 18 months.
  • The top reason utilities are investing in mobility is to increase productivity
  • The utilities are deploying office apps, as well as file management and collaboration software to boost productivity.

The survey had other interesting findings as well. You can read more Utilities investing in mobility to boost productivity – FierceMobileIT.