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Using Mobile Data Technology For Higher Efficiency

by Jason McMahon

The move to a mobile-centric society continues to advance into various business settings. Smartphones on mobile devices with relevant apps are becoming the norm. These new technological marvels are helping to overturn traditional business models, create new companies (while sometimes destroying old ones). These powerful devices have changed the way we stay in contact, shop, relax, pay bills, research, stay up-to-date on current events and entertain themselves.

This type of integration disruption is impacting on many businesses as well. From the US to China, companies are looking at ways that mobile data technology can grow business opportunities.

Companies that for years had sales teams, R & D engineers and operations specialist in the field using a variety of paper-based forms held on clipboards are going away. Providing mobile-based apps to teams in the field, companies are capturing mobile data and storing information from enterprises in cloud data platforms, using Mozy Cloud Backup and similar tools. Moving to mobile data technology allows industry leaders the chance to produce faster, smarter work efficiency.

Big Data in Business

You’ve seen the term “big data” used more frequently, but what does it mean? It refers to the deluge of information and data that companies and organizations are gathering on a daily basis. It also describes the process of data being analyzed from a variety of sources like RFID codes, social media, web traffic analytics, online commerce transactions and more. And the shift is getting data out of the admin and IT departments and to the eyes of CFOs, CMOs and business revenue generators like sales organizations.

When you combine mobile apps that can manage this inflow of big data, you have a winning concept. Small businesses who move to mobile can see immediate benefits. One small business noted in this Network Computing article cited work productivity savings of nearly 20 hours per week by employees after making a switch to mobile apps from paper processes. [Our customers are confirming similar productivity gains – FotoNotes] Mobilizing the firm’s employees also helped to increase the team’s billable hours while reducing the response rate for work orders.

Benefits of Mobile Data Technology

Moving to mobile data management can benefit in several key ways:

  • Better employee and customer communications: Mobile apps can give your users the critical information they need, when and how they want it. It’s real-time usage helps communication between HQ workers and mobile teams. Data share is also easy between partners and customers.
  • Higher productivity and operational efficiency: Mobile data gathering and application tools offer smart, easy interface for users. There is better workflow and data collection configuration, especially when capturing images, audio signals, bar codes and more. These single apps can grab more of the real-time information that companies need, more accurately and consistently.
  • Extend the value of existing company systems: Mobile data apps can integrate existing systems and processes from head office out to mobile teams, while streamlining the data flow so the mobile forces get the information they specifically need for projects underway.

Look for ways to reconfigure your business to fit mobile data technology, and you’ll bring your business into the next big era.


Jason McMahon

Jason is an IT professional for a large marketing company. He blogs about BYOD policy, cloud technology and the move to mobile.