The Top Mobility Challenges for Enterprises (Enterprise Mobility Exchange)

Ever wonder what the main drivers are for investments in mobile technology and the most pressing business challenges? The Enterprise Mobility Exchange surveyed their global network of enterprise mobility practitioners from leading organizations who are implementing mobile technology for their workforce to find out. Their finds are summarized below in a very cool infographic. Here’s how I interpret it:
There are two main drivers:
  1. Efficiency (“improving workforce productivity,” “streamlining operations,” and “reducing costs”)
  2. Customer satisfaction (“delivering best-in-breed customer,” “increasing customer engagement”)

There are three main challenges:

  1. Functional requirements (“ensuring functionality of mobile technology meets key requirements”)
  2. Integration (“integrating new technologies with legacy systems”)
  3. BYOD (“bring your own device”)

My sense is that results are “durable,” that is, they’re not likely to change that quickly over time. Improving efficiency is a persistent theme of successful businesses. You’re either getting better, or you’re not. And if you’re not, you’re not making your customers happy. Which is what business is all about anyway.