The top 5 things the mobile enterprise needs | VentureBeat

At a recent Mobile Summit, organized by VentureBeat, 200 industry executives came together to explore the mobile technology market. In a summary of the event, Dylan Tweney reported on his two hourlong discussions on enterprise mobility, which included:

Gaurav Tewari, a partner at SAP Ventures, and Scott Davis, the CTO for end-user computing at VMware, led the conversations, which also included top executives from Apperian, Capital One, Cisco, Deutsche Telekom, Ingram Micro, Intel, MasterCard, McAfee, StackMob, TIBCO, and T-Mobile, not to mention an assortment of venture capitalists, a handful of analysts, and one press person (myself).

as well as the Summit’s give main themes.

One theme in particular caught my eye

Apps that do more with mobile devices

Many enterprises are still using mobile devices as little more than tiny, portable terminals to their corporate information systems. Yet smartphones and tablets are capable of so much more. Cameras, GPS devices, accelerometers, and other features that are now ubiquitous in many mobile devices can all play a role in enterprise apps. For example, one speaker talked about a company that created an augmented-reality app for equipment maintenance workers to use. Hold up the phone to a piece of equipment, and the app superimposes information about what that machine is, what its last service date was, and the like. Another speaker described equipping forklift operators with iPads and a customized video-chat app that let them hold the tablet up to a pallet, so the person requesting a delivery could see in real time whether the operator was picking up the right thing.

That’s exactly what FotoNotes is focused on — making it easy, fast, and, yes, enjoyable to capture data from the field, share it with customers and colleagues, integrate back-office systems, and extend business processes from office to mobile. Today FotoNotes lets you:
  • Input  data using checkboxes, selects or keyboard for text
  • Record voice notes
  • Take photos, edit, and annotate with voice, text or drawing tools
  • Capture signatures and barscans
  • Work online – all data is streamed to the FotoNotes Cloud in real time over WiFi or cellular data networks (3G, 4G)
  • Work offline – if there’s no Internet connection, data is stored locally and uploaded automatically when a connection is re-established
We’re adding new capabilities all of the time. Learn more about our feature-set here: FotoNotes Features.
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