Survey: Half of US workers use personal devices for work – MobileVillage®

A new study by the research firm Ipsos MORI reveals how ubiquitous mobile devices have become in the work place. A survey of a US-wide 2,000 office workers aged 18-65 found that:

  • Nearly three quarters — 73% — of US office workers using enterprise-owned tablets download personal software and apps, while 52% use personal laptops, tablets and smartphones to store and work on enterprise content.
  • Almost two thirds (62%) do the same on company-issued smartphones and 45% on enterprise-issued laptops, according to the survey.

It’s no surprise that individuals find ways to use mobile devices — whether their own or company-issued ones — to make their jobs easier. It’s a normal human reaction. If there’s a problem, find a solution.

FotoNotes provides solutions for mobile workers who need to capture photos, text, voice and other data about a project — a property, job site, building or other physical structure. Because our solution is configurable on a browser, much like SurveyMonkey is configurable on a browser, it’s easy to build a solution that meets specific business needs, data fields as well as mobile presentation (the order in which the data is capture) and work flow (what’s required, what’s not).

Another virtue of being a “cloud” solution is it makes collaboration easy. Data flows from mobile to the cloud and back to mobile, so information is really easy to share with co-workers in the field, on their mobile devices, or in the office on a browser.

Not only that, data from other applications — other cloud solutions like or back-office database — can be pushed or pulled into the FotoNotes cloud, giving all workers immediate access to the same information in real-time.

If it sounds powerful, that’s because it is! Please contact us to learn more.

You can read more aboutt Ipsos MORI’s research here: Survey: Half of US workers use personal devices for work – MobileVillage®.