SPECIAL REPORT: The Global State of Enterprise Mobility | Enterprise Mobility Exchange

The Enterprise Mobility Exchange published Global State of Enterprise Mobility for the Past, Present and Future, an industry-led survey that provide “deep insight into the investment priorities of leading enterprise mobility and IT professionals.”

Among its key findings:

  • Mobile apps look set to be the top investment among Enterprise Mobility and IT Practitioners in 2014 (47.6%)
  • 44% of respondents currently have a mobility strategy in their business, while a further 20% are at phase 3 of implementation
  • 70% of respondents cited increased productivity as the main reason behind their mobile solution investments [highlight added]
  • Change management issues are the greatest challenge for 40% of practitioner respondents when implementing a mobility strategy
  • Almost a quarter of respondents have financial resources of up to $250,000 to spend on mobility solutions in the next 18 months
  • Security solutions are a bigger priority for organisations in  the future, with an expected growth of 20% from 2013  to 2014

Productivity improvements are a recurring theme in almost every survey of mobile technologies.

To read the full report, you’ll need to register with Enterprise Mobility Exchange, something we’d recommend if you want to stay on top of enterprise mobility trends.