Sneak Preview: NEW FotoNotes for Property Management Web Portal Interface

We’re delighted to show-off FotoNotes’ new web portal. Based on customer feedback, we’ve add a lot more features to help streamline property and facilities management and other real estate operations. This is really just a sneak peek of a small number of new FotoNotes features. Please contact us so we can give you a live demo.

First, to put things in context, a quick refresher. FotoNotes’ four-part mobile platform includes:

1.  FotoNotes Mobile Application is an incredibly powerful and easy-to-use native mobile app that you can take anywhere to manage your properties. For iPhones/iPads, downloadable today from iTunes. For Android devices, coming later this fall.
2.  Web Portal that lets users manage and share property information stored in our centralized cloud-based system.
3.  Web-based Template Configurator that a non-technical administrator can use to configure FotoNotes for specific business needs. Templates created with the FotoNotes drag-and-drop configurator are immediately available in the mobile application, with fields, menus, and work flow customized for your business.
4.  API to easily integrate FotoNotes into other applications and systems.

This blog post is about #2, the Web Portal.

When you open the Web Portal, you’ll land on the Properties tab, which along with the Projects tab gives you a window into the information you’ll need to manage a property. The Properties tab includes a list of all of the properties you have access to (access rights are granted by your company’s internal FotoNotes administrator). Under the Projects tab you’ll see a list of ongoing “projects” across all of the properties you have access to — check lists for inspections, punch lists for construction, status reports, and other collections of work tasks.

So, for example, here is a list of all of two properties that your firm is managing.

Web Portal – Properties (List) View

property list

If you click on a specific property, you’ll get a detailed view of that property — it’s address, owner, key characteristics, photos, etc. You’ll see we added a really cool “Comments” feature, which creates a comments thread about the property. A number of our customers had asked for this — we’re glad to deliver.

Web Portal – Properties (Detail) View with Comments

property focus open comments

We’ve also added a “Documents” feature, which lets you upload any kind of documents — floor plans, reports, etc. — associated with the property, for easy access from from both the FotoNotes Web Portal and the FotoNotes Mobile App. For example, in the view below you can see a leasing document and a Word document,

 Web Portal – Documents Tab

property documents

When you’re in a property, you can see all of the project and tasks that are associated with it. In this view, you see a list of four tasks associated with 1700 Broadway Tower. The tasks have been prioritized and assigned, and are available to the maintenance team and/or vendors on their mobile devices.

 Web Portal – Task List within Property Tab

Screen shot 2013-12-05 at 4.32.20 PM

When you click on a task, you can see all of the task details,  including photos and documents that are associated with it. There is also a comment feature that lets you capture a comment thread, just like in the Properties tab. The assign to feature lets a property manager assign a task to a maintenance worker(s), vendor(s) or other worker(s). Once assigned in the Web portal, the worker immediately receives a notification on his/her cell phone. S/he can then open the FotoNotes mobile application and know exactly what is required to address the task.

 Web Portal – Detailed Task View with Comments

Screen shot 2013-12-05 at 4.32.56 PM

You can also access a list of Inspections when you’re in a property. In this example, you see five different inspections, each of which has a different data collection template associated with it. You can see the status and comments thread. And if you were to click on a specific inspection you would see details from the inspection report — photos, documents, notes, etc.

Web Portal – Inspections List View with Comments

property inspections - comments

Whew! That’s a lot to take in. We’d be delighted to give you a live demo of FotoNotes customized for your business. Please contact us to learn more.