Next in Tech: Mobile Devices Are Put to Work –

Meet the New Mobile Workers! This is what we’re talking about. The significant productivity, quality, time, and cost savings from real-time data capture, management, and communications on mobile devices. As the Wall Street Journal reports,

… mobile technology is becoming affordable for a broader base of companies, and it is spreading from ancillary functions to areas ingrained in employees’ workdays, such as marketing materials for pharmaceutical reps, customer account software for service technicians and apps for testing the quality of cow’s milk for farmers.

The mobile revolution—which has changed life in so many ways, from getting driving directions to sharing photos—is seeping into corporate technology. Nearly half of the respondents in a recent Forrester Research Inc.  survey said they use a smartphone at least once a week for work, and 21% said they use a tablet for work at least weekly.

This article includes case studies with Rudolph & Sletten (construction), Coca-Cola (vending machine and soda fountain servicing), and McKinley Equipment (warehouse equipment repairs), including this testimonial from Kevin Rusin , chief financial officer of McKinley Equipment:

Mr. Rusin said the software helps his workers be more efficient and he has opened a new line of business offering service contracts rather than just repairs by the hour. Mr. Rusin said he hired three additional people to work on the new large contract that will increase service-department revenue by 38%.

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