NEWS RELEASE: Kamal Shah, FotoNotes’ CEO, panelist at Cleantech Group’s “Buildings Get a Brain” on Jan. 22

Kamal Shah, FotoNotes’ Founder and CEO, is a panelist at the Cleantech Group’s Buildings Get a Brain invitation-only executive summit on Jan. 22, 2014 in San Francisco, California. Kamal’s 2:00 pm panel Buildings of the Future: Tomorrow’s Most Advanced Technologies – Preparing for the next wave of innovation will address the following questions:

  • If the technologies we’ve discussed so far are enabling “Buildings 2.0,” which technologies will enable Buildings 3.0?
  • What is the latest to come out of the lab?
  • Which early stage technologies are investors already betting on?
  • What do building operators and service providers need to do to prepare for an increasingly rapid turnover in innovation?

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Buildings Get A Brain

Join Cleantech Group and industry leaders for an intimate, invitation-only two day executive summit on the future of intelligent commercial buildings. We ask that all participants attend for the duration of the event as the Executive Summit is designed to be experienced in its entirety.

Today’s commercial buildings are undergoing a revolution as a convergence of policy, technology innovation, and market dynamics drive a new appetite for smart, resource-efficient facilities. While today’s architects and design firms are leveraging advanced materials and modeling tools to create new high performance buildings, emerging digital platforms are enabling facilities operators to optimize resource consumption while improving comfort and safety.

  • How does the accelerating flow of data from buildings, utilities, and third parties disrupt traditional building operations?
  • Will today’s emerging technologies close the so-called “energy efficiency gap” and enable the billions of dollars in potential savings reported by experts?
  • What types of companies and business models will seize on these trends and define the future energy services market?
  • What do the buildings of the future look like?

DAY ONE: Data delivers

Day one will focus on the major areas of building performance innovation enabled by new sources of data and sophisticated analytics technologies. We’ll start the day by reviewing the major technology trends converging to create intelligent buildings. We will then explore the major service areas emerging in response to the availability of sensing and networking building technologies, and will conclude by examining the state of policy in this sector.

DAY TWO: Scaling building innovation

Day two will focus on making intelligent buildings a reality by scaling enabling technologies. We will explore the roles of, and challenges and opportunities presented to major stakeholders in the development and operation of buildings. We will dive into emerging business models and scaling opportunities for today’s new building technologies and services, and will conclude the summit by taking the long view at what the next wave of building innovation may entail.

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