New Versions of Android and iOS Mobile Apps – January 2017

We’re kicking off the new year with new versions of our mobile application(s), including exciting new features and enhancements.

If you have any question about the releases, please email us at

New Features and Enhancements Coming in both iOS and Android

  • Decimal Field Support*If you need to have users enter fractions or otherwise use decimals, which were not available in a standard integer field, we now support decimals as a new field type. Users with the updated app will see the decimal option when they go to enter data in that field. Some user examples are here.
  • Button Select Options*– You can now provide users with easy to view single click icons in place of selection lists. These buttons are automatically generated and work best for short sets of answers such as “Yes”, “No” and “N/A”.  They could also be used for numerical ratings or other similar lists like “ok” or “poor”, “good”.  Some user examples are here.
  • Support for taking photos with volume buttons and selfie stick Users can now take photos in FotoNotes using the volume buttons or a compatible selfie stick on Android or IOS. This feature enhancement does not require any administrative changes.
  • Azimuth & Elevation Users can now view azimuth, elevation and elevation angles while capturing photos in the field. This data will also display in the photo viewer via the web app.

*Information on these features in Android can be found in the Android user guide here

Newly Released Only for IOS (coming soon in Android)