New Version of FotoNotes Web App – January 2017

We will be releasing a new version of the FotoNotes web application. This new release will include a number of new features, enhancements to existing features and bug fixes.

If you have any question about the releases, please email us at

New and Modified Features

Improvements to the User Interface for Advanced Search. Here are some changes to the interface:

1. Your saved and Favorite views are now available in the left column and easily accessible with one click

2. Current search options conveniently display in the top of the screen

3. Searches can easily be refined within the Refine Search Options modal pop-up

4. New Searches can be performed by simply clicking the New Search button






Within Advanced Search, Search by both a current status and date, as well as the date ranges previous statuses were set:

You can now create searches using current status and date and previous status and date as criteria for the search. For example, you can create a search to see work that is currently Submitted To Client and marked Bid Completed from the field last week.




Two New Project-Level Attributes, Manager & Customer:

There are now two new project-level attributes, one being Manager and the other Customer. Any user who has a manger/admin role can be set as the Manager and any user who has a customer role can be set as the Customer on a project.  You can also bulk set these on the list views, search by customer or manager and import/export these attributes.

new assigned



More Export Options:

With the new enhanced export tool, there are now more options available to configure your exports. A default export will export all the data in all the projects from that search. If you uncheck default you have the option to only include the project summary data or include vendor data. You can specify only specific fields you want. For example, if you only wanted to export the work order number, the address and the answer to two or three other questions you can now do that by putting the specific field keys. We have also created the ability for you to export your data to include various calculations, such as the days a project was in a certain status. For information on that contact FotoNotes.