New Version of FotoNotes Web App – May 2017

We will be releasing a new version of the FotoNotes web application. This new release will include enhancements to existing features and bug fixes.

If you have any questions about the release, please email us at

User Experience Improvements to the FotoNotes Template Editor:

  • Create New Fields In Line: New fields can now be added to the exact location you need them. You no longer need to scroll down to the bottom of the section to locate the new field, or drag a new field up to the desired located.

    new field new

  • Field Key Enhancements: Clients who manage integrations or use specific field keys for their templates can now enter those keys when they create a new field. If the field key is left blank a field key will be auto-generated.

    create key when adding new field


  • Shorter Field Keys: Auto-generated field keys will now be shorter and easier to manage, including keys for copied fields, i.e. “property_id_c1”

    copied field key-updated


  • Template Exporting: For those clients who have two FotoNotes portals (for example, a test and a production site) please note that we have moved our template export link. The export link can now be found by clicking the “…” next to template settings.

export template


Vendors Can Create Projects from Mobile:
If you use our Vendor Management Module and are interested in giving your vendor companies the ability to create new blank work orders in the field, please contact

  • Vendors can now create new work in the field on the FotoNotes mobile app, using client templates, if their client sets this permission.


Minor Changes & Bug Fixes:

  • The Duplicate feature can now be used to copy work across types. Previously it was limited to duplicating to a template within the same type.

    Learn more about how you can save time with the FotoNotes Duplicate/Copy feature here

  • In the Web App (Portal) your username will now show in the “My Account” dropdown menu.



  • The template list page now has “Show Only Enabled” automatically checked.
  • Security updates to provide full support for TLS v1.1 and TLS v1.2.
  • A new UI for our Salesforce integration setup.