New Version of FotoNotes Web App – March 2017

We will be releasing a new version of the FotoNotes web application. This new release will include a number of new features, enhancements to existing features and bug fixes.

If you have any questions about the release, please email us at

New and Modified Features

Vendor Management Module Enhancements

  • Portal Admins can now enter additional information, such as coverage areas
  • Improved User Interface
  • Portal Admins can also attach documents to a vendor record


Assign work with coverage areas

FotoNotes can now use coverage area when assigning work to vendor.


In the template editor, set the workflow to coverage.


Click the search icon to find vendors.


Select Find by Coverage Area in the Find Vendor dialog.

Activity Log can now show why a work order was declined

When using Accept/Decline workflows, the decline comment will be visible in the activity log. The previous declined comment will be removed when a work order is reassigned


Create a field to enter a reason for declining.


Reason shows up in the work orders’ activity log.



Automatically associate a Customer and/or Manager user at the template level

  • Any work generated using this template will now show the customer and/or manager automatically
  • Any work generated using this template will now automatically grant access to this customer and/or manager
  • The customer and/or manager can be overridden in the work order by portal admins and managers


Customer and Manager fields in the template editor.


Specify fields that get copied over when a user duplicates a project


Click Copy this when copying projects.


Then, in the Copy modal, make sure you click Only copy fields that have copy flag checked.


Service Line Items

(Note: This feature is only available on request)

  • More easily add service line items in your company and/or vendor records
  • Service line items will now be accessible in the Admin dropdown menu
  • Manage/Find service line items with sortable and searchable views





Improved interface for adding service line items into templates


New button for adding Services in the template editor.


Your services appear in the pop up menu.


Service fields in your template.



Other minor enhancements and fixes

  • Vendors and non-admin users can now only delete documents that they added
  • Users can see number of days the project has been in current status in list view


  • Users can select multiple types when searching
  • Admins can see the time a template was last updated