New Version of FotoNotes Web App – July 2017

We will be releasing a new version of the FotoNotes web application. This new release (v. 1.166) will include enhancements to existing features and bug fixes.

If you have any questions about the release, please email us at

Enhancements & Fixes:

  • Include or Exclude Flagged Photos in Reports: When generating reports, users with access to reports can now select to include all photos, flagged photos only or unflagged photos only.

flagged-unflagged photos

  • Enhancements to Photo Viewer

    • Navigate Photos Using Arrow Keys: In addition to using the white arrows within the photo viewer, users can use keyboard arrow keys to navigate back to a previous photo or forward to the next photo.
    • Download and Delete photos: As users navigate photos in the photo viewer, they can download or delete individual photos by selecting “…” in the bottom right corner of the photo.
      button photo viewerdownload-delete updated
    • View Full Size Photos: Users can view high-res photos in full size by clicking the “…” and selecting “View full size”. This was formerly done with an expand button. Please note this is for high-res photos only.
      view full size
  • Vendor List Displays Email and Phone: If a vendor’s email and/or phone is included in their vendor record, it will now display in the vendor list.
    vendor list v4



  • Fix issue saving searches with very large amount of search criteria
  • Fix for fields not always saving on tabbing
  • Performance optimizations
  • Other minor updates and enhancements