FotoNotes Web App Update – February 2017

FotoNotes’ newest release is scheduled to go out within the next few days. This release will include several enhancements to existing features and bug fixes. Below are some of the more significant changes.

For a full list of enhancements and bug fixes please refer to FotoNotes Release Notes on our support site.

  • Export a status timeline
    Admin and Manager users can now include a status timeline by work order/project when exporting data.  This timeline allows them to track all status changes, show the date each status was set and the number of days the project was in each status.  When selecting this option, the export will include this data at the end of the row and begins with a column labelled “Status Timeline”.  Learn more about Exporting from Advanced Search.
    status export

export spreadsheet

  • Negative values for integer, decimal and dollar amount fields:
    Users can now enter negative values in Integer, Decimal or Dollar Amount field types. Note: Negative values that are entered as a “cost item” workflow field will be calculated into the total, therefore subtracting where applicable.

negative integer

negative total

  • Job Cost PDF report photo layout enhancement:
    The “Job Cost” PDF report will now display a larger centered image at the top of the first page. The image is the first photo taken in the field that is selected as the “media display field” in the template.
  • Automatically set Manager, Customer or Assigned User when that user creates a project:
    If the portal admin enables the new setting for “auto-assign on create”, which can be found under the “settings” menu, a user whose role is “Admin” “manager”, “Customer” or “Field User” will automatically be assigned when that user creates a new project/work order.

Admin User creates work: Admin User is auto-assigned as the Manager

Manager creates work: Manager is auto-assigned as the Manager

Customer creates work: Customer is auto-assigned as the Customer

Field User or User creates work: User is assigned as “Assigned To”

auto assign setting

auto assign to manager“DemoManager” created a new work order and is automatically assigned as the Manager


  • Improvements to Vendor Invitation Email
    Portal admins can now put custom text into the “vendor invitation to connect email.” This email will also come from your company and not from FotoNotes Support. The email will always automatically contain the vendor’s username and initial password. Learn more about connecting vendors in your FotoNotes portal.
  • Portal Admin can exclude templates they do not want a user to create from mobile
    If your account is set to allow “user can create from mobile”, you can now eliminate any templates you do not want users to use when creating new projects (work) from the field on their mobile devices.  This can be enabled in each template by selecting the workflow type of “User cannot create from mobile” in the template settings.
    user cannot create on mobile
  • Decimal and Button Select Fields:
    Decimal and Button Select fields will now be available to all customers. Learn more about Decimal and Button Select Fields.

  • BUG FIX:  When using the workflow type of “automatically move status to ‘assigned’” in your templates, your users will now be able to accept or decline orders if you have that workflow setting, even though the project is not in the new status.
    bug fix