National Mortgage News – Field Servicers Embrace the Mobile Cloud

FotoNotes just got a great “plug” in an article in National Mortgage News – Field Servicers Embrace the Mobile CloudThe article begins:

Mobile cloud technology is singlehandedly changing mortgage and field servicing processes, according to at least one insider, in ways that are both evident and obscure.

In the same way electronic sales transformed the sales management world, mobile cloud technologies are in the process of transforming field operations and mortgage loan data collection, said Michael DeLapa, VP of marketing of FotoNotes.

The article also picked up on our new product release:

At the National Association of Mortgage Field Services Annual Conference in Chicago, FotoNotes, which specializes in mobile work management, introduced FotoNotes for Property Preservation, a new mobile cloud real estate property preservation solution for mortgage field services.

FotoNotes for Property Preservation manages information exchanges. Data collected by field service providers can automatically transfer from a mobile device to the cloud making it easy for supervisors and co-workers to share data gathered from an individual field servicer.

Customers can have “direct read-only access to the data via a web-browser or printed or emailed reports,” and to other back-end systems such as Property Pres Wizard and other software. Business partners and other field service companies also can access the information remotely.

FotoNotes for Property Preservation enables users to create, assign and manage work orders in the field, capture photos and other data from the job site, automate the stream of work orders, photos and data to and from back-office systems, helps improve vendor scorecards and payment.

FotoNotes offers mobile task management, data capture and cloud collaboration solutions that allow for faster data transfers and centralized storage.

And there’s more, which you can read about here.

(Big shout-out to the author Amilda Dymi and her editor Mark Fogarty for the coverage).