Moving to the Cloud, Going Paperless | GeekEstate

Nice post by Matthew Collis on two important trends in real estate – moving to the cloud and going paperless – and the benefits of both.

Why move to the cloud? Matthew identifies quite a few reasons:

  • Accessibility. “… a desktop program … cannot be accessed through the internet ….”
  • Cost. “While there is a monthly fee associated with most cloud-based systems, there’s less of a capital investment up-front and software upgrades and customer support are usually included in the monthly fee.”
  • Data security. “Data hosted on the cloud is much more secure than that hosted on your PC. When it’s hosted on the cloud, it’s protected via advanced safety and security measures far beyond what would be possible for you to do yourself. Not to mention, the data is usually backed up daily.”
  • Mobility. “As a REALTOR® you can’t be chained down to your office computer. You need the flexibility to access your real estate database from wherever you are. This is not possible with desktop systems. Plus, if you’re in a team, you can benefit from the ability for multiple team members to collaborate with each other and work on the CRM at the same time, regardless of where they are.”
  • Flexibility. “Using a cloud-based real estate CRM means you purchase a monthly subscription that can often be cancelled at any time. This means that you’re avoiding the risk involved in purchasing a software upfront just to find out that it’s not working for you.”

So a lot of good reasons to move to the cloud. But why go paperless? Matthew covers benefits here, too:

  • Efficiency. “Just like moving to the cloud can help you streamline your business and become more efficient, the same can be said about making the commitment to go paperless.”
  • Convenience. “And a paperless office is a whole lot easier and more convenient than having to manage stacks of binders, paper, and file folders.”
  • Productivity. “Technologies … that allow you to consolidate your database, manage your transactions, and store data in the cloud, and tools that let you do everything from signing documents online to creating and sending forms via the web help big time when it comes to organization and productivity.”
  • Security. “If you think about it, it’s also quite easy to have files, filled with confidential client information, get misplaced or be stolen.”

You can read the entire post here:  Two Key Trends: Cloud-Based Real Estate CRMs and Going Paperless.