Further evidence that BYOD is a BFD

Why go mobile? Avande, a joint venture between Accenture and Microsoft, recently surveyed 600 C-level executives and IT decision makers about the benefits of mobile. The results are compelling:

“Those progressive businesses are 73 percent more likely to report improved sales and new customer acquisition through the use of BYOD collaboration tools than other companies.”

However, not everyone is hunky-dory with BYOD. In fact, for some it’s a BPITA

“The survey also uncovered a disconnect in views between C-level executives and IT regarding the role of mobile and consumer technologies in the enterprise, which is limiting the benefits that can be derived from those technologies. IT decision makers are focused on minimizing potential risks with personal computing technologies at work, while the C-suite’s primary concern is capitalizing on the potential benefits these employee-owned devices can bring to the enterprise, the survey found.”

Which just goes to show, you can’t make everyone happy all of the time. But if you have to choose, it’s probably a good idea to bring benefits to your C-level executives.

Workers using tablets for advanced business tasks, survey finds – FierceMobileIT.