Mobility and the Consumerization of Field Service – Aberdeen Group

I read the title of this new Aberdeen Group report and thought, what the heck is consumerization. As Aberdeen defines it:

Employees consume information via apps on their smartphones and tablets in their consumer lives and now expect the ability to do the same while at work. This consumerization trend, often attributed only to devices, really extends to behavior in the ways employees expect to be able to access information.

So what’s the big deal?

This consumerization of behaviors, brought on by mobility, also impacts the field service arena. The empowerment of field agents with mobile devices is the top action prioritized by Best-in-Class organizations … in improving field service performance …. But empowerment is also taking on a new meaning. It’s not just in the provision of employee-approved devices, but also in the capabilities and information enabled via available field service applications that allow for a better field experience, both for the employee and the end customer.

That’s what we talk about daily in product meetings: how can we make FotoNotes as powerful and important as any enterprise application (think accounting, CRM, ERP, etc.) but as easy and fun as a consumer app (think Instagram, Pinterest, etc.)? How to we take the best in design and usability, mobilize it, integrate it with back-end legacy systems, extend it to the field, and give our customers something they’ll never want to have taken away?

If you want to read more about consumerization, check out Aberdeen Group’s report Mobility and the Consumerization of Field Service (it’s a free download). But if you want to see what we consumerization of field service looks like in practice and experience both the power and the fun, contact us today.