Predicting the Future of Enterprise Mobility

Where do you think enterprise mobility is going? Analyst/Writer Kevin Benedict offers this vision in a recent blog post:

Your smartphone is changing from a simple communication device, media center and personal digital assistance, to a hub between the physical and digital world.  That development opens up all kinds of interesting opportunities to ponder.  It is on the very edge of digital transformation where the integration between the physical and the digital happens where the next wave of innovation lies (see figure 1).

In the future software developers will become more and more like geographers and intelligence analyst as they increasingly work with real-world data.  They will be blending geospatial data, live remote sensor data and process data to create and understand relationships about where things are, how they are connected and what that data means to the success of the mission or plan.  This information will all be available on a smartphone and tablet near you.

We see the future similarly. FotoNotes’ vision is to be the glue that integrates your mobile device with sensors in the field, our cloud repository, back-office systems, and, most importantly, humans in the middle of everything. The magic is making it easy — consumer-friendly easy — for humans to deploy the sensors and mobile devices, capture and manage the information, and share it easily with their colleagues and customers. If you want to see the magic in action, please contact us.

We’ll show you the future today.