Mobile Technology – Importance of Mobile Capabilities on the Construction Jobsite Mobile

Speaking of the benefits of mobile technology in construction, Paul Bedard notes in his blog post many of the same benefits our construction-focused customers have told us:

Fleet management, employee dispatch, project management and asset tracking are also where we see immediate and measurable benefits. Adopting mobile collaborations tools measurably improves the quality, safety and profitability of projects along with the ability to interact with multiple partners in real-time. We can do this through video calling and picture messaging. We also enable off-site professionals to see, identify and resolve an issue remotely which, of course, saves time.

Or as For Construction Pros summarizes:

Asset tracking and management – Mobile technology is more than just a smartphone or tablet with apps. Wireless technology can be incorporated into equipment and other assets to monitor use as well as track in case the assets are stolen. The benefit? Contractors can save money on maintenance and reduce the loss of valuable equipment.

Increased communication and collaboration – Mobile technologies allow construction contractors communicate with everyone involved in a project easily and quickly. Mobile technologies now allow us to not only call personnel that is off site or remote but also send images, documents and other information quickly directly from the jobsite. Contractors no longer have to wait until the end of the day or until they can meet face to face to share important updates or project changes.

Bedard summed it up perfectly in his blog by saying, “Construction firms should always explore new technologies to help remote team members collaborate more effectively. Anything that speeds up collaboration speeds up productivity at the worksite.”

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