Mobile is ‘the new IT’: 5 reasons to spend more on enterprise mobility | VentureBeat

Mani Zarrehparvar asks a good question: if you have to spend money to make money, why haven’t more companies invested in mobile? His explanation:

Part of the problem is legacy. When mobile phones arrived on the scene, they were seen as a cost of doing business, not as a way to transform business. After all, mobile phones simply allowed employees to do something they could already do–make a phone call. But that has all changed. With smart phones, tablets and powerful mobile apps, mobility is “The New IT”. Giving employees access to all their work and personal data—anytime, anywhere and from the device of their choosing—is truly transformative. In fact, Gartner has identified mobility as one of the key emerging trends that better positions enterprises for competitive advantage.

He also presents an equally compelling argument for increasing your mobility spend.

International Data Corporation estimates that 37 percent of the world’s labor force, or 1.3 billion workers, will identify as mobile workers by 2015. This massive shift represents a real opportunity to increase productivity.

And he identifies five ways to drive top line and bottom line growth by increasing what you spend on mobile (I included excerpts from his article that seem most relevant to FotoNotes customers):

1. Add tools beyond smart phones. Smart phones have been shown to increase productivity—by a lot. … On average, they spend $120 a month on mobility for each employee—that’s $4 a day.

2. Mobilize more work applications. Spend time and money researching and purchasing off-the-shelf apps to improve workflow and productivity. Where there are gaps, invest in additional IT resources to make your own apps. Think beyond mobile email and mobilize CRM, field force and travel and expense management applications so that your employees can work wherever, whenever they want.

3. Mobilize more people. Push mobility down the organization so that every employee can interact and transact their business in real time to create more efficiency and eliminate delays in communication.

4. Mobilize things.

5. Use mobility as a recruiting tool.

You can read all of his suggestions here:  Mobile is ‘the new IT’: 5 reasons to spend more on enterprise mobility | VentureBeat.