Mobile Is About Doing One Thing Great, Not Just Being Mobile First | TechCrunch

Great post from my friend Mrinal Desai today in Tech Crunch. Mrinal makes a number of keen observations:

The size of the screen, the pattern of time availability and our “location” in the real world lead to a more single-task orientation than when confronted with the desktop web.

This has led to an inherent difference from the web – the “one-thing” mobile app ecosystem versus the “many-thing” web.

Believe it or not, the best thing that can happen to a startup in the mobile space today is a big company copying it.

One of the FotoNotes’ compelling features is the ability to configure a mobile application for that “one thing” a company needs — property inspections, warranty claims, incident reports, or another other kind of mobile data capture that involves, and integrates, photos, voice, location, notes, time/date, as well as legacy (back-end data).

Which raises an important point that Mrinal didn’t cover: a mobile application combined with a cloud service that pushes data to the web and through APIs to legacy systems is more than just a mobile application. It’s the extension, expansion, and re-invention of business systems — the ability to take what you need on the road; communicate with colleagues, partners, and customers; and access in real-time all of the data that lives in the server closer.

So, yes, mobile is about doing one thing great — but that one thing can be the reinvention of how you currently do business. Contact us to learn how.

You can read Mrinal’s article here:

Mobile Is About Doing One Thing Great, Not Just Being Mobile First | TechCrunch.