Mobile and Cloud Will Dominate 2014 Tech Trends | IEEE Computer Society

In light of the insatiable employee demand for bring your own device (BYOD) acceptance from Corporate America, IT departments will continue to seek new ways to improve the performance of mobile devices in the enterprise. … The cloud will increase its domination as a primary business contributor, and researchers will discover new ways to improve the user experience. … Big data will continue to get bigger, forcing organizations to increase technology investments in their efforts to get a secure handle on it. These are just three of the 10 predictions for 2014 from the IEEE Computer Society. Also of note on the list are forecasts about the Internet of things, social media privacy and 3D printing. “The year 2014 will mark a transition from hype to maturity and the broader adoption of many promising technologies,” says incoming IEEE President Dejan Milojicic, a senior research manager at HP Labs. The IEEE Computer Society is a top computing membership organization for global technology leaders, including professors, researchers, software engineers, IT professionals, employers and students. – See more at:

The IEEE Computer Society has issued its Top Technology Trends for 2014, and mobile and cloud figure prominently. Indeed, the first trend they identify is:

1. Emergence of the Mobile Cloud — Mobile distributed computing paradigm will lead to explosion of new services.

Mobile and cloud computing are converging to create a new platform—one that has the potential to provide unlimited computing resources. Mobile devices are constrained by their memory, processing power, and battery life. But combined with cloud computing, data processing and storage can happen outside of mobile devices. What IDC calls the “Third Platform” will allow for better synchronization of data, improved reliability and scalability, increased ease of integration, anytime-anywhere access to business applications and collaborative services, rich user experiences, and an explosion of new services.

FotoNotes is excited to be squarely in the middle — if that’s not mixing metaphors — of this exciting trend.

You can read more and see a slide show here:  Mobile and Cloud Will Dominate 2014 Tech Trends.