Louis C.K. on smartphones | Something Fun on Friday

Here is Louis C.K.’s five-minute rant on Conan O’Brien against smartphones for kids that is making the rounds on technology websites. Enjoy.

Just remember, there may be moments when life is sad, but Friday isn’t one of them.  And remember, he’s talking about kids losing their souls, not adults doing their jobs.

And here is Daniel Engber’s counter-point in Slate. A few pull-quote critiques of C.K.’s monologue:

  • Nothing could be more in line with the backdoor Buddhism that defines the Louis Liberal.
  • We like to think that antique distractions—Isaac Asimov, Carl Kasell, Bruce Springsteen—are superior to the modern sort. Books and songs enrich us; smartphones make us dumber. “Jungleland” is art; Facebook is a waste of time. But is that really true?
  • And so it is with smartphones. Some texts from friends are snoozers, pointless blips that distract us from our daily lives; others wrench the soul. Some Facebook posts work to dull our senses; others blind us with their brilliance. Isn’t the Louis C.K. clip itself a melancholy, distant cry, piercing through the newsfeed fog? Can’t we use our smartphones to hear “Jungleland,” at any time of day? Or is that distraction, too?

Louis C.K. on smartphones: Kids shouldn’t have them and life is sad. (VIDEO).