Mobile Solutions for Property Preservation:

Photos and Data from the field.
Improve Efficiency.
Get Paid Faster.


  • Access work orders and PCRs on mobile devices
  • Capture photos and other critical information from the field in real-time
  • Stream photos and data automatically between BC Connect, Property Pres Wizard, other back-office systems and mobile devices


  • Streamline operations
  • Reduce manual work
  • Collect compliance data from the field quickly and safely
  • Offer better service for your clients, better relationships with your vendors
  • Get paid faster!

Video: See how it works

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"When I joined High End Development to run their operations, my first call was to FotoNotes. At my previous company we used FotoNotes and loved it because it made it a lot easier to track work, capture photos, and complete work order forms from the field. And it saved us significant time and money. "

John Firmalo, V.P. of Operations, High End Development