IT is a no-show when it comes to mobile apps | Consumerization Of It – InfoWorld

I was surprised to learn this:

… only 22 percent of corporate apps can be accessed by mobile devices, yet 87 percent of users want mobile acess to the 400 or so corporate apps an average enterprise works with. “Access” includes simply via a mobile-friendly Web portal. When you realize that more than half of enterprise apps are Web apps, the fact that only 22 percent of corporate apps can be used on a mobile device is even scarier — nearly all those Web apps could be adapted to smartphone and tablet usage while remaining Web apps.

So what’s going? According to Gruman:

The reasons for the lack of mobile app support, according to the MobileHelix survey of 300 companies, are the usual ones: costs for development and support, as well as security concerns. Basically, IT or perhaps business management is unwilling to invest in mobile apps despite saying they are valuable, leaving users to figure it out on their own in a sort of “gray market” approach to productivity.

And what does this mean? Apparently business units, not IT, will lead technology development:

Today, we already have SaaS offerings like refueling on the departmental-computing phenomenon, and the fact that marketing departments are poised to spend more on technology than IT further shows that business users can and will take over “IT” when IT doesn’t deliver. As more and more computing happens on smartphones and tablets, the more business users will go their own way, using commercial apps from app stores, mobile-friendly Web services, and homegrown mobile apps (there are dozens of drag-and-drop “development” tools to create simply workflow-style apps, for example).

This doesn’t entirely square with our experience. Yes, in many cases we’re approached by business owners who want a fast, easy-to-use, mobile solution for data collection. But we’re also working with CIOs and IT departments to “mobilize” their business operations more generally. And if you want to extend current applications and push/pull data from back-office systems to mobile devices, it’s really hard to do that without IT support.

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