How technology has revolutionized facilities management | iOffice

We enjoyed this blog post from our friend Elizabeth Duke at iOffice. She reports on the Realcomm 2013 summit and an interview with Justin Segal, President at Boxer Property Management. Justin addresses the biggest challenges facing real estate companies today, including mobility challenges and mobile solutions:

Real estate companies have also become reliant on tablets and smartphones for helping them complete tasks in a quick and efficient manner. Segal says this goes two ways – employees and tenants alike are interested in going mobile.

“For us, mobile is an issue both in front of the house and for our internal staff,” Segal said. “We have our website and our ability to interact with tenants and we’re very much focused on the mobile component of that, and we’ve noticed, like anyone else, that a huge portion of the tenants who are coming to our website are coming through mobile devices. At the same time, we’ve had a huge push for mobility within our own staff.”

Segal notes that everyone in the company is asking for more mobile solutions to their business problems. His quality assurance director can use a tablet for recording information on properties he’s inspected, and the maintenance staff can use smartphones for closing out orders and recording information. Everyone wants mobile devices, and they’re demanding apps tailored specifically toward their everyday tasks.

You can read Elizabeth’s full post here: How technology has revolutionized facilities management.