How Mobile is your ECM? 3 key ingredients to make it so

Here’s a plug for an organization that we like – AIIM – and a webinar that they’re hosting. We recently attended an AIIM seminar on this same topic and came away energized, with new ideas about how help make our customers more successful. Call our sales team today at 510.545.9030 if you’d like to learn why FotoNotes is the seamless, smart, and secure solution for your mobile data capture and cloud collaboration needs.

How Mobile is your ECM?
3 key ingredients to make it so

The workforce is becoming increasingly mobile – at home through teleworking, on business trips, and in the field selling, inspecting, and servicing. There is also an increasing expectation by customers, suppliers and partners that business be conducted in real time. As a result, 46% of users need to share documents and content with project groups inside and outside the firewall.

Has your organization responded to this demand? Is your business content available and accessible from anywhere, on any device, and at any time?  If not, why not?

A few data points to consider…
1. Per AIIM — 64% are using social but have no integration into their business processes.
2. Per Forrester — 70 percent of organizations have adopted some form of BYOD program.
3. Per AIIM — 32% have browser access for mobile and 3rd parties to content repositories…but only 11% have a mobile optimized browser interface and only 10% have apps.
4. Per Forrester — 62 percent of people who use a smartphone for work and 56 percent of those who use a tablet for work purchased those devices themselves.
5. Per AIIM — 22% experiencing unofficial mobile access to organizational content (or have no BYOD policy)…25% report use of “unofficial” file-sharing sites.

Join Cengiz Satir, Ian Story from IBM, and me this Wednesday, May 15th at 2PM (ET) and learn the 3 key ingredients for any successful mobile content program:

Seamless: the user experience out in the field should look and feel as close to the experience in the office; synching is for the birds!
Smart: the mobile application should work the way the user works to emulate regular process flows; don’t make it more difficult to create and collaborate on content from afar. Mobile should enable productivity, not hinder it.
Secure: policies, procedures, and protections must be in place to protect sensitive and proprietary information; the collaborative outputs could be part of your competitive advantage!

How Mobile is your ECM? 3 key ingredients to make it so.