From the Trenches of SXSW: It Is the Age of the Tricorder

Imagine your phone as a Star Trek tricorder. That’s how Katya Constantine describes Adamant’s new sensor chip:

Adamant has invented a small, low-power, durable sensor chip that is capable of imitating the workings of a human (or dog) nose and a lot more. It can detect dozens (and eventually thousands) of chemicals and smells from your breath and immediate surroundings – all at the same time. As the chip gets integrated into various phone accessories, its applications range from measuring your alcohol level, metabolic rate, and causes of bad breath, to the truly revolutionary ability to identify specific chemicals indicative of potential early stages of various diseases.

 So how cool is that? And right in line with FotoNotes’ vision of being an easily configurable mobile application for capturing, storing, and managing data. We can’t wait for an Adamant-powered, FotoNotes-enabled phone. The possibilities are endless.

Read Katya Constantine’s complete article here. From the Trenches of SXSW: It Is the Age of the Tricorder.