FotoNotes helps Hoaglandz cut the time of solar electric inspections by more than 50%






Hoaglandz provides independent, unbiased, accurate, and comprehensive fair market value appraisal and inspection reports for commercial and residential photovoltaic solar systems.

Using Fotonotes, Hoaglandz has been able to standardized its entire inspection and appraisal process. Prior to Fotonotes, we used a printed spreadsheet and written notes to conduct onsite inspections.The inspection would typically take 1.2 hours. Data re-entry to an electronic spreadsheet would take an additional 3 hours. We would then compile and format a report to our customers. This would take 3-5 more hours. In total, we could spend up to 10 hours per inspection, from start to finish.

Today, we can have a professional report for our client within approximately 3.5 hours – a huge savings of time and money. The report system that Fotonotes customized allows us to generate an automated report with minimal back-office work.

Hoaglandz’s Technical Inspector can now flow through the inspections; fill in data onsite; and add GPS-tagged photos, voice or typed comments directly to the associated inspection item. At the back-office, we can see the inspection taking place and photos and notes being added practically in real time! The inspection documentation is nearly complete before the inspector leaves the site.