FotoNotes for Earthquake Assessment – Demo Video

We’re excited to be collaborating with the Engineering Earthquake Research Institute to understand user experiences collecting mobile data on earthquakes. Over the next two weeks EERI volunteers will use FotoNotes to complete two data collection templates developed by EERI (Lifelines Assessment and Building Damage Assessment). EERI will survey them to assess their experience.

We also just completed a Screenr video to show EERI volunteers how to use FotoNotes for this project. We’d love to get your feedback:

With FotoNotes EERI volunteers will

  • Create new inspections/assessments
  • Input data, photos, and voice notes to complete the assessment
  • Store all assessment data in the FotoNotes cloud
  • Generate PDF reports and export photos of the assessment

We’re looking forward to the results!

EERI volunteers are using a limited version of FotoNotes for the trial. The full version of FotoNotes includes these great features:

  • Easily create and customize mobile data collection templates and reports to match your business needs.
  • Add, manage and share information with multiple users.
  • Brand the portal and mobile app with your organization’s name and logo.
  • Integrate FotoNotes with existing systems through our API.

If you have any questions about FotoNotes, please feel free to contact us at

Screenr – fotonotable: A quick tutorial for the EERI Volunteers