FotoNote June 2013 Update – New Features

Announcing a new release of FotoNotes, with more features to make capturing, managing, and sharing mobile information easier:

Export data with a simple click

Administrators can now export data into a CSV format that you can open in Excel or import into other systems. Try it out under the Admin menu. Select Export from the menu and then select the template and the status to filter the output. Save the results to your hard drive and then open the file using Excel.

Screen shot 2013-06-09 at 4.44.44 PM

Download photos easily, too

Photos can now be downloaded on project-by-project basis. Open a specific project and click the download button.

Screen shot 2013-06-09 at 4.45.11 PM


Wondering about an import feature?  It’s coming soon!  If you’d like a sneak peek contact and we can schedule a demo.

Streamlined photo taking

We’ve streamlined the photo experience in the mobile app by removing a few clicks. This makes taking consecutive photos faster and easier than ever. After taking a photo there is no longer a confirmation screen — you go right into the photo edit screen. There is also now a new button on the photo edit screen that allows you to immediately take another photo.

Rapid fire photo mode

For customers who take lots and lots of consecutive photos we have added a rapid fire photo mode, which skips going to the edit screen and allows you take consecutive photos without leaving the camera screen. If you’d like to turn on the rapid fire mode for your users just let us know.

Screen shot 2013-06-09 at 5.01.21 PM

And more!

This release also includes a whole host of minor design updates, some bug fixes and some performance enhancements.

We hope you enjoy these new features. Please email us at if you have any feedback or questions.