Forrester Research : Research : Your Company Needs A Mobile Organization

We were delighted to participate in Forrester’s research on mobile technologies. Thank you Forrester for the kind feedback:

… your insight was very helpful and important to our research

Why might the report interest you?

Mobile touches every part of your business. Customers crave apps to access your core services. Employees keep work moving forward from any location — meeting room, kitchen table, or soccer field. Partners carry your product catalog and rich media product descriptions into customer meetings and then follow up to close the deal before pulling out of the parking lot. To marshal your skills and resources while keeping an eye on the user experience and a firm grip on the security model and brand experience, you need a mobile organization. Start with a steering committee and development team, but build toward a mobile center of excellence. This report lays out the organizational model, describes what to facilitate and what to govern, and presents a case study on how IHG builds mobile apps.

Check it out: Forrester Research : Research : Your Company Needs A Mobile Organization.

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