Enterprise App Stores Help Users and IT Get the Most from BYOD

eWeek reports on the interesting “consumerization of IT” trend and the creative “swim with the current rather than fight it” counter-trend:

Enterprises have spent the last several years learning that the consumerization of IT is an unstoppable market force that ensures that employees will bring their favorite mobile devices and applications to work, no matter the draconian policies that are put in place to try to stop them.

Rather than waging a futile battle against the bring-your-own-device (BYOD) trend, some savvy companies are making efforts to accommodate employees’ desires to use their favorite mobile devices at work. Some enterprises are supporting approved lists of devices and software. Some are implementing security and network access policies that allow their employees to use their devices at the office while trying to minimize the risk of data loss from unauthorized network penetrations. Some others have gone as far as to establish corporate app stores that allow employees to shop not only for approved apps that conform to company standard, but also public apps that boost productivity.

Seems like a good idea to us.

So does your company have a BYOD policy? Have a corporate app store? Let us know.

Enterprise App Stores Help Users and IT Get the Most from BYOD.