Constructech magazine | Mobile Moves Construction Forward

Some good data about the adoption of mobile technologies in the construction industry:

A survey released by Sage North America,, Irvine, Calif., in March, found 75% of small and midsized construction firms in the United States and Canada have used a mobile device to access work-related information on that device. For this group of contractors, smartphones and laptops are still the two most commonly used devices, with 77% and 72% usage respectively. Surprisingly, tablets trailed behind, with only 26% of small and midsized businesses using these devices in construction.

And this gem about why it’s so important and time- and cost-saving:

However, the overall results are clear; the ability to do instant reporting is allowing construction companies to make decisions while on the job, which ultimately cuts down on errors and reduces travel expenses.

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Constructech magazine | Mobile Moves Construction Forward.