Constructech magazine | Construction Technology Helps with Claims

Here’s an article about a use case that our customers ask us about often:

Technology [to] help with risk management, quality assurance, project-document storage and archiving, customer-service management, insurance-certificate management, and post-warranty claims support.

As the author notes,

For homebuilders, minimizing risk on a construction job is essential, and long-term.

If you need to access work orders from the field or your customers require that you document your work with photos and forms, you should check out our mobile solutions. With FotoNotes, your employees use mobile devices to capture photos, document post-close warranties, and complete work orders. All of this information is available in real time from the construction site.

The result: faster turnaround times, improved accuracy, reduced manual work, and better service to your customers.

If your firm is involved in construction warranty, renovation and repairs, click here to request a free trial. You’ll see how easy it is to:

  • Access work orders from the field
  • Validate compliance with photos and forms
  • Automatically generate customer reports
  • Document work with photos that are stamped with GPS, time and date stamps
  • Stream photos, voice notes, and other data in real time from the field to the office

This is what our customers are saying:

FotoNotes has allowed Dryden to collect and communicate data from our technicians in the field in real-time. It’s a great addition for our business. – Derrick Nelson, CFO, Dryden Construction

“When I joined High End Development to run their operations, my first call was to FotoNotes. At my previous company we used FotoNotes and loved it because it made it a lot easier to track work, capture photos, and complete work order forms from the field. And it saved us significant time and money.” – John Firmalo, V.P. of Operations, High End Development

You can read more about technology and claims here: Constructech magazine | Construction Technology Helps with Claims.