Constructech magazine | Cloud: Challenges and Solutions for Construction

More about the pros (mostly) and cons (leastly) of cloud technologies. A few choice quotes:

The use of the cloud is growing too and will be adopted for unique reasons going forward. IDC,, Framingham, Mass., forecasts public IT cloud services spending will continue to grow significantly in the next five years, but here is an interesting twist from its recent predictions: the focus and driver for adoption will move away from economics to innovation.

I find this a little confusing. If innovation doesn’t move lead to better economics, then what’s the point? I think it’s pretty clear that that,, and Arena Solutions (my old company) have provided a whole host of productivity and other gains for their customers for 10+ years. As the author of the article points out,

For The Weitz Co., the use of the cloud and associated technologies has increased productivity and the ability to meet the schedule without the addition of management cost. Babcock also estimates the new systems have reduced overhead costs for IT by 20%.

Now this makes more sense: the cloud saves money. And the cloud + mobile + social (collaboration) saves even more money.

The analyst firm foresees a shift where scale of cloud will not only grow bigger, but will also be more user and solution driven. In this phase, other areas, including mobile, social, and Big Data, will become more interdependent as they continue to drive growth and innovation across all industries.

But again, innovation in cloud and associated technologies itself is not the benefit. Rather, the benefit is innovation that leads to streamlined operations, increased worker productivity, better communications, and, ultimately, lower costs.

You can read the original article here Constructech magazine | Cloud: Challenges and Solutions for Construction.