FotoNotes Feature: Exception Tagging

Automatically flag work for review Critical situations like emergency repairs, hazardous conditions or compliance issues can be automatically identified with our Exception Tagging feature allowing you to be instantly notified and address these issues sooner. The tagged completed work that needs extra attention is grouped so you can quickly and easily locate it. Portal Admins can be notified … more

FotoNotes Feature: Photo Flagging

Did you know you can review all the photos captured from the field and only select some of them to print on your PDF reports? Using our Photo Flagging feature, you do not need to delete the images themselves to create a beautiful report. FotoNotes’ flexibility makes it easy to capture and collect images in different categories, all … more

FotoNotes Feature: Conditional Fields

Conditional fields for different field conditions! You may already be using FotoNotes conditional fields to keep your forms shorter or dynamically display questions to your users, but conditional logic allows you to do so much more! Customize any template you have for a work or maintenance order, an inspection, or a service request and add engaging questions that … more

The Mobile CAMA Movement: Your Paperless Field-to-Valuation Solution | ControlCam Newsletter 1.2

The Mobile CAMA Movement: Your Paperless Field-to-Valuation Solution By: Michael DeLapa, Vice President, Marketing, FotoNotes Going mobile. That’s what’s happening through American business as companies seek to eliminate paper, reduce data duplication, and save time and money in their daily operations. Government, too, is jumping aboard the emerging digital movement. In particular, county appraisers are discovering that there … more

Webinar Series: Mobile Solutions for County Government, Wed, Dec. 10, 2014

Webinar Series: Mobile Solutions for County Government Wednesday, December 10, 2014 2 pm EST / 1pm CST / 11 am PST Join ControlCam and Fotonotes for this free webinar. We will show you how: Mobile solutions in county governments enhance communications, digitize work flow, and offer real-time access to data in the field. Counties are easily transforming appraisal … more

FotoNotes Customized Reports – Exactly What Your Customer Ordered

The ability to generate informative, easy-to-read, elegant reports is critical to our customers. It is how they communicate with their customers; meet compliance or business requirements; and demonstrate they’ve completed inspections and other work in order to to get paid. These reports are generally rich with text, tables, photos, and other information, laid out to meet specific requirements … more

New Release of our iOS App – 2.6.0

The latest release of the FotoNotes iOS, 2.6.0, is now available in the App Store.  This release has a number of great enhancements and features: 1.  Sync Indicator and Button This release adds a Sync Indicator and Button on the first screen.  The sync indicator tells you if data is currently uploading to the cloud (it will be … more