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In this interview, Pamela Doyle, Director, Education for Fuitsu Computer Products of America, discusses how mobile adoption is altering capture; the twin trends of cloud and mobile, which extend capture capabilities to the edge of the enterprise; and what this means for improving and speeding up business processes. Most notably:

Mobile capture is further extending the benefits customers have realized with distributed capture as they are able to capture more critical content early in the business process. The result: faster access to critical data and significant cost savings by reducing or eliminating reliance on courier services.

Among the other trends and benefits, Pamela notes:

  • … smart phone shipments outpaced PCs for the first time in 2011 and that major analysts firms are predicting that iPads (and tablets in general) will be the primary computing device by 2016
  • According to IDC data is growing at a rate of 50 percent per year; or more than doubling every 2 years.

You can read the full interview here:

Capture Enables Faster Business Processes – Capture Community Blog.