2014: Cloud joins the formal IT portfolio | ZDNet

More 2014 predictions, these from Forrester Research about The Cloud. How’s this for a catchy summary:

In 2013 enterprises got real about cloud computing. In 2014 we will integrate it into our existing IT portfolios – whether IT likes it or not.

 Forrester continues

The moves by DevOps and line of business aren’t going to stop and can’t be ignored. So 2014 will be the year IT Ops relents, stops fighting and gets with the program formally by developing real strategies for embracing the cloud, managing cloud-based application deployments and empowering the business to keep being agile.

 As the Age of the Customer arrives, all the focus shifts to the Systems of Engagement and the agility in refining these critical customer tools. Cloud technologies and services represent the fastest way for the business to reach new buyers and breathe new life into aging applications.

 In 2014 cloud leverage will be both traditional and disruptive as the business and IT put cloud to work.

And their #1 prediction:

SaaS becomes de facto for buying new applications. SaaS has overtaken on-premise in categories such as HCM, CRM, and collaboration. Solutions once available in multiple deployment modes are now SaaS only …

So if The Cloud if a function of the speed of implementation and communication (SI + C) and Mobile is a function of productivity and communication (P + C), the Mobile-Cloud is, in new math, SI + P + C^2, which means fast implementation, increased productivity, and exponentially better communication. At least that’s our take as a mobile-cloud company.

(In old math, it would be SIP + 2PC + C^2, but we’re not really sure what to make of that.)

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